December 25, 2009
I’m sitting in the little café four blocks away from my apartment in the chair I always sit in. The one beside the window on the far left. Outside of the window people are rushing by, holding their coats close to their bodies. Some going to work, some just out on a coffee run…

I listen to the Christmas music filling the little shop. And it makes me wonder what I’ll get my sister for Christmas. What I’m thinking about getting you. The waiter comes by and fills back up my coffee that I officially pronounced cold five minutes ago.

I look at the chair across from me and sigh. It’s still empty, your still not here. I feel like taking back out my cell phone and calling you again. But I hesitate believing you’re probably almost here.

The bell rings indicating someone just walked in. A little too excited, I turn my head to the door to see if it’s you. But its not. I slide back down in my seat and stare at the menu in front of me. The waiter walks by and asks for my order. I tell him that I’m waiting on someone. I’m waiting on you.

You and your long, soft brown hair and warm big smile. You and your body that dances so beautifully.

I look at my watch and wonder when you’ll get here. When you’ll get away from what I always tease you about as a little dance class. And what you always defend as Julliard.

I start to tap my foot and I look down at my watch.

When will you get here?

I hear a tap coming from behind the window next to me. I look up from my watch to see what it is. It’s you and you’re standing behind the window with a sad look on your face. I get up but you motion me not to. I stand anyway.

You mouth that you can’t make it. That you have to go back to school. You smile apologetically and then get carried away with the rushing people. I stand looking out the window for a moment and everything seems to slow.

Without a smile I grab my coat and slide it on. I leave a tip on the table and walk out of the café. Half way down the sidewalk I take out a little black box that was in my left pocket and open it to see the beautiful ring inside. The one I was going to give you just moments ago. I take it out and hold tightly onto it. Knowing that if I gave it to you it would’ve fallen off while you were dancing so gracefully.

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LostAngel said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 7:02 pm
awwwwwwwwwwww thats sad but so cute
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