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From Angel to Demon

I dropped my precious locket.
I listened to the music that flowed from it.
I watched as it dropped into the pit of eternal darkness.
I felt the hot salty tears roll down my pale cheeks.
The night swallowed me whole.
Like an owl to a rat.
I had already lost everything.
So, why do I feel like this isn't the end?

Prologue: The Death of Light

Music danced and twirled everywhere in the air. The sound of happiness and joy. Nobody could ask for a better picture than a mother, a brother, and a little sister delightfully spending time together. The sun shined brightly at noon, casting a glow on the family, not a single cloud in the light blue sky. Birds of different species flew overhead, some landing down to the family to see the perfect picture.

The brother, tall and handsome, played his precious violin that made the wonderful melody. The woman, beautiful and young, sung like an angel. The little sister, adorable and bright, laughed and applauded at the amazing performance.

When the song had finished, the girl cheered and clapped loudly. Her brother and mother laughed at the child's excitement. The woman opened her arms wide, letting the child jump into them, and hugged her close as she nuzzled into her mother's neck. The brother stood by them, ruffling his sister's soft hair.

The little girl couldn't ask for more. A happy family. A beautiful big home. The greatest life a child like her could ever had. She looked at the sky with big eyes, wishing that it would always stay this way. She wished for nothing more and nothing less.

That's when she spotted it. Something that shouldn't even exist. Something that would change her life forever. A raven. A pure black feathered raven with sinister red eyes landed in front of them. The brother and mother frowned at it, the boy chasing it away. While her brother did that, the girl tightened her thin arms around her mother's long and soft neck, nuzzling deep into the curve of it, letting her floral sent and soft locks tickle her senses.

A chill ran up her spine. She opened her eyes. On the ground, looking through her mother's hair, were a pair of red eyes. She tightened her hold, squeezing tightly. She didn't feel scared of the dark creature. She actually wanted to walk up to it and touch it, but she was restraining herself. She knew if she just went after the dirty creature her family would be disappointed of her.

The girl frowned, looking at the lone raven sadly. What surprised her most was that it looked back at her with sad lonely eyes. The girl felt something hot in her eyes, water began to overflow, letting the salty tears run down her cheeks.

She wiggled out of her mother's hug, the woman surprised, trying to grab the girl by the wrist as she ran away. The raven flew off, flapping it's night-like wings, before the girl could even reach it. She watched it fly, a black speck in the sky, moving wherever it pleased.
“Angel! Angel! Get over here! QUICKLY!” her mother shouted, worry and fear clouding her voice.

The girl quickly turned around, wondering what could have ruined such a beautiful moment. Her eyes were blurry, tears still streaming down her face. The girl didn't even know why she was crying, all she knew was that something was terribly wrong. Was it because her mother was screaming loudly, racing towards her, her brother right behind her? Was it because the sky had steadily begun to grow dark, almost black?

She didn't know. She didn't want to know. She suddenly felt scared. A very cold shiver ran up her spine, feeling someone watching her. Her mother screamed not look behind her, but she turned anyway, staring up -wide eyes- at the silver eyed man.

Her body relaxed, but the air around her didn't. The man looked down at her, his eyes cold and distant. The girl looked back up, for some reason not afraid, only curious. The tall man held out a sickly paled hand in front of her, slightly leaning down so it would reach the girl. She looked at the hand, then back at her mother and brother.
“No! Angel!” her brother shouted, telling her not to.
“Don't touch her!” her mother screamed more loudly. Her gold eyes were on fire.

But, the girl ignored them. It was true that they were family, however, her curiosity intensely grew. She was drawn to the man, her heart pulling towards him, telling her to trust him. That she knows exactly who he is. And, without another thought, she took his hand, and disappeared along with him behind a storm of black feathers.
“NO! ANGEL!” her family shouted. She could hear her mothers loud wails of pain and sorrow.

The girl frowned, looking sadly at the ground as the man held her like a doll, flying up towards the dark gray storm clouds. Why did she cry over the baby raven, yet not over her family? Was there something wrong with her heart? The girl shook her head. No, her heart was telling her it was safer with the man, than she was with her family. The girl, still, could not get rid of the unusual feeling that she was forgetting something.
“AANNGGEELL!!” the woman cried.

The girl's face turned into confusion. Who was Angel?

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