As I'm Here With You

January 13, 2010
By kuh-rissa SILVER, Hazlet, New Jersey
kuh-rissa SILVER, Hazlet, New Jersey
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“You know,” Indiana pushed stray hairs back, “I've only ever seen you at night.” She glanced down at her hand which lay entwined in Tristan's. It fit perfectly into his palm, as if it was meant to be there.

“And...?” Tristan urged her on while steering towards an empty park bench. He shot an incredulous look over his shoulder towards her. Indie shoved him. “And I was wondering why.” She settled down onto the bench. Cool night air breezed over her bare arms, giving a reason wrap Tristan's arms around herself.

The park looked beautiful while bathed in moonlight. It was enough to detract her for a few moments, bringing her away from her inquiry. But the moment soon ended, leaving her with only Tristan's silence.

Indie shot a glance upward, locking her gaze onto Tristan's emotionless mask. Finally, he sighed, plastering sadness onto his face. “I didn't want to tell you this so soon, Indie. But...” She was on the edge of her seat. What could his answer possibly be?

“I'm a vampire.” he concluded. Indiana almost fell from the surprise. She felt her eyes widen in shock and her heart start to race. But, no, he couldn't be telling the truth, she thought franticly, could he? Indie searched his face for a sign of lying. But there it was again, that mask void of emotion, staring back down at her.
Slowly a smirk found its way back onto his hansom face. “Got you, didn't I?”

Indie let out a small huff before shoving him roughly. “Ha,ha.” She crossed her arms over her chest before begrudgingly settling back into his arms. She felt his lips brush across her forehead, the mere action causing her resolve to break.

“It's complicated.” His voice was quiet near her ear, as if it strained him to tell that much. Indiana nodded her head understandingly. She would drop the subject she decided, at least for now. She settle once more into his arms and stared into the dark, once more taking it all in.

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