In Vain of the Rose CH. 2

January 13, 2010
By Amber-Guelzow BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Amber-Guelzow BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Finally. School started. Jeez that guy made her feel abnormal. Like, I don’t know. Alive. She wasn’t used to that. Not at all. She decided to distract herself, so she took out her class schedule. She had acting next. Great. Let’s hope that guy isn’t in the class. She walked and saw the Drama office and decided to see what they were doing in class, seeing the fact that she had come in two months after school began.
When she walked into the office she was shocked. People were in there wearing Japanese kimono. There was a girl wearing a pink kimono with purple flowers on it. She was so beautiful. She had a perfect face. But the only problem was, she was not holding herself properly, for as a Japanese noble woman, you must present yourself as outgoing yet trained in the art of presenting yourself.
She had at one point of time actually studied the art of the Geisha and it was quite interesting and made her become an elegant young lady. She walked up to the lady that looked like the teacher and asked “Are you the Drama teacher for first period?” The woman looked away from the beautiful girl and looked at Amber up and down. “Why, indeed I am young lady. And I have a feeling you are the very well awaited Ms. Guelzow, I presume?”
“Yeah, that’s me. I just had a few questions concerning Drama class.” she looked at the older woman and saw that she was looking at her strangely. She put on her glasses and looked more closely at her face. “Why, my child! I dare say you have the most beautiful bone structure I have ever seen!” Amber didn’t know what to say. No one had ever said anything like that to her before.
“Umm. Thanks? What exactly do you mean when you say beautiful bone structure?” she was feeling a bit tongue-tied having a teacher say something like that. Not many people had ever called her even pretty, so she wasn’t used to that. The Drama teacher just went over to a closet and said “Amber, I have the most beautiful kimono for you. It is a real kimono that I got from my travels in Japan when I was indeed much younger. And I have the Obi and everything that goes with it. Would you like to wear a wig as well? It is fashioned to look like feudal Japanese women’s hair!” she said this very fast and moved extremely swift for an older woman.
Amber did not know what to say. Was this lady giving away traditional Japanese clothing? She didn’t know. The Drama teacher came over with a pile of clothing and sandals for Amber to have. “Today and for the rest of the year, we are learning how to act out the tea ceremony and the ways of the Geisha and Noble Woman and Men. You look like you can do that very well, I dare say.”
Amber took the pile of clothes and said “What do I do with them?” the Drama teacher simply laughed. “Why, child! You are to wear them! What else would you do?” she walked over to the girl in the pink kimono and said “Celesta, the kimono is very special and sacred to me. Do not ruin it.” She went over to her desk and Amber saw that her name was Ms. Grendel. Amber wondered for a second if she had ever been married, or if her husband had passed away.
Ms. Grendel looked up to Amber and said “Dear, you should go change. Class starts in fifteen minutes and it takes a while to put on a kimono. That red one will made your skin glow and your eyes brighter than they ever have been.” Amber nodded and went to leave, when she was stopped by the girl with the pink kimono. “I really agree with Ms. Grendel. She can tell things about people, and you seem to have a kind personality and beauty unimaginable to human minds.”
“Umm. Thanks? I guess I could say the same thing about you. Well, I’ll see you in a few then.” she nodded and ambled away. She walked towards where she hoped the girls’ bathroom was when she heard a girl talking loudly. “ Yeah, that’s that new Amber girl. I heard she had plastic surgery because she was born deformed. I mean, look at her! No one is naturally that hot! It’s just wrong!”
‘Wow. What a bull-faced lie. Where did she hear that from? I was born a perfectly normal youngster, thank you very much!’ Amber was a little irritated by people’s audacity to say lies about someone they didn’t even know. She decided to ignore the girl and continued walking. She looked at the walls of the school and saw that they were made out of stones.
“Amber. Come here.” she froze. It was him. She knew that voice anywhere. Soft yet commanding. She slowly turned around and saw in the corner of the hallway, a mysterious figure standing alone. Dorian. Her ex-boyfriends best friend, whom had a one time tried to get with her. In a way she wanted nothing to do with.
“Dorian…” she said very softly. Slightly worried for her well being. He just laughed. Once. Cold and lifeless. Just like he always used to be. Figured he would never change. She looked him right in the eyes and said “What are you doing here? Aren’t you too old for college?” she tried to laugh but it came out sounding like a pathetic attempt.
“Oh, no reason in particular. Just came to see all the little hotties in their little school girl clothes. I see you look sexier than the rest of them. As usual. So what’s that?” he asked, inclining his head towards the bundle of clothing in my arms. She looked down, because she had momentarily forgotten about the Kimono.
“None of you’re business, Dorian. I think you should leave school because you can’t be on school grounds without permission.” she started to walk away when she felt a warm hand touch her elbow. She turned somewhat. “What?” she asked. He looked determined. Obviously he had a reason for coming to the school. “This won’t be the last time you see Me.” and he walked away.
She was upset but didn’t show it. She realized that during that whole conversation, a man had been watching. Now he came up to her. He had blonde hair, honey-brown eyes, and was very attractive. ‘Oh, my.’ she thought as he walked towards her. He kept walking and when he was about five feet from her, he stopped.
“Hello. My name is Mr. Schobel. I was just wondering if you knew that young man?” he said as he looked her in the eyes. Looking in his eyes made her feel something very strange. Mr. Schobel? Wow. He didn’t even look old enough to be a teacher. Except when she looked at his jaw, she could tell that he was indeed a fully grown man.
“Miss? Did you hear me?” he looked at her funny and he leaned against a locker. She looked back to his eyes and came out of her daze. My, he was beautiful. “Umm. Could you repeat the question?” she felt stupid asking a teacher that. For God’s sake she was staring at him like he was eye candy!
“I said, my name is Mr. Schobel and I was wondering if you knew that young man you were talking to.” he didn’t sound annoyed having to repeat himself. Like he was used to getting stared at by college girls. “Oh. Yeah, I know him.” she left it at that, hoping he didn’t ask any more questions. He just nodded.
“Okay. Well, if you ever need me for anything, or to talk. I’m here.” She was surprised. Was he the school physiologist? Probably was.
“Oh. Okay then. I guess I’ll see you around. Bye.” she walked away from him, just leaving him standing there looking smoking sexy and all that stuff she shouldn’t be thinking about a teacher. She found the bathroom and pushed in the door. She went to a stall and locked the door, making that rusty, scraping metal sound. Oh how she distasted that sound.
She first had to take off her uniform and put her bangs into a barrette. The underclothing to a kimono was simple. Just a plain white kimono and a few tie things and then she slipped on the outer layer. It was so beautiful, with the red mixed the black and some white. Now the hard part was the Obi. The good thing is she had it memorized, for she had to always put it on herself when it is normally put on by other people.
When she finished with the kimono, she put on the socks with the toes and the shoes. She came out of the stall holding her clothes and the wig. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her short hair, with the bangs pulled back and the lack of make-up. ‘Hmm. I wish I had some make-up. Oh well. I don’t have any. Darn it.’ she pulled on the wig and fixed it up making it look more natural on her head, with the part in the middle of the head. It was beautiful. Just, beautiful. That’s all I can say about the wig. The whole outfit, really, was amazing. It was gorgeous in the whole meaning.
She picked up her clothes and walked out the bathroom and all eyes were on her. That girl that said that stupid lie literally had her mouth hanging open like “oh my god!” Many guys were looking also and Amber thought ‘what a great way to start your first day of school, Amber. Real smart.’ She looked back to where Mr. Schobel was standing and he just smiled like he knew something like this would happen.
Amber continued to amble down the hall and she was getting a little nervous. She didn’t know why but she indeed was, for some odd reason. Mr. Schobel was indeed a very intriguing man. So intriguing that she had to wonder… could…? She didn’t want to think about it anymore. So she walked down the hall and found the office where Ms. Grendel was talking to a boy with auburn hair.
“Axel, you need to put on the kimono! You have to wear it all day now, seeing the fact that you did not want to try it on yesterday!” She looked slightly angered but not really. Amber felt a wisp of air brush past her. Ms. Grendel looked away from the boy. “Oh, dear! Daemon Schobel! Why, you frightened me! You are such a sneaky little fellow! You must not do that to an old woman!”
Mr. Schobel didn’t move. He just stood really close to Amber, making her feel awkward.

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