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January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

I glared at him, my teeth grinding together and my torso half turned wondering if I should make a run for it or not; it wasn’t too late yet. He glared back, perhaps a little sarcastically. Undaunted, then he smirked.

“Hesitating already…? It’s going to take a lot more than that to get you through…the rest.” He said softly, but his face still fierce.

I drew a deep breath. “No, I’m testing if you’re still in.”

He has to be, if he turns back now, where am I supposed to go??? Who am I supposed to love?

His expression softened, “Of course I’m still in this, I can’t break my promise. Nor do I have any other options.”

I had no idea what the hell he meant, but I didn’t break my stance; my arms still folded over my chest, and my feet firmly rooted to the ground. I had made up my mind. Question now was what I got out of my decision. His eyes then promptly melted, misreading my posture. I drew in a quick breath.

“Stop doing that!”

“Doing what?” he said innocently. But I could see his enjoyment underneath.

“You know…” I made a gesture with my hand motioning to The Gate around us.

The Gate to the other world there’s no turning back, make up your mind now…Sarah.

“Get used to it. You’ll be seeing it for the next couple…give or take a century if you keep that attitude.” He snapped.

I skittered back a couple feet, my eyebrows quivering as they shot up my forehead, shocked by his sudden refute. If he lost his careful control of his most powerful weapon, dust, he could be dangerous. I knew that much. He then immediately noticed his mistake and he did the whole eye softening thing again. When he did, golden light shined subtly from him, a sign that he was using his powers.


“Sorry doesn’t cut it anymore, Will, look what you’ve done to me.” I drew a deep breath, my voice shaking. “I’m a pixie now.”

He shook his head. “Not yet.”

I sighed again, he was impossible, how could he not see? It was too obvious.

Why? Why had he done this to me? Some random mythological curse would still exist in the modern and human world sure, but why me?

“I’m really sorry Eliza.”

“That’s not my name.” I snapped.

I don’t understand why he needs to call me that either…this whole thing is too weird.

“It is now. Sorry. You know” He said thoughtfully. “It might not be all that bad.”

His green eyes melted again. When I didn’t respond, he sighed.

“You’re going to have all eternity with me, whether you like it or not, you might as well try and change your opinions now.”

“It doesn’t matter” I snapped. “I think I’m going to spend all eternity trying not to change my opinions.”

He drew a deep breath. But I could see the difference now; before when I didn’t understand why he always drew a breath every other sentence. My new eyes, my different eyes, I thought fearfully, could sense the pixie powers. Sparkly golden dust swirled around him; which was found literally everywhere in the pixie and human world, was sucked into his lungs.

And then he blew it out, the golden dust now a subtle pinkish-red color, which flooded my senses and made me woozy. I staggered, about to drop onto the neatly laid brick ground.

“If I’m going to spend all eternity with you…and you want me to change my opinion, stop doing that.” I whispered before the dust could overtake me, half bending my knees my hands reaching blindly looking for support. I heard him draw a fast gasp.

My sense of nausea immediately cleared when he waved his hand gently.

He kneeled down next to me, pulled my hands up to his and kissed me on the forehead.

“Sorry…you can still run if you want to now, its not too late.” He whispered, half urging me to run from the danger ahead, half begging me to stay.

When I didn’t respond he continued.

“You haven’t even felt the bad part yet.” He blew some blue dust in my face. Everything increased in definition but I started to feel myself dissolve and solidify back and forth…if that makes any sense. The Gate was coming in and out of focus.

“The darker the dust, the more dangerous it is.”

He blew again, the dust now a purple color.

“The darkest dust,” he blew black dust at me. I shuddered fearfully, feeling the tears escalate, and a chill go through me, “Turns you into a true pixie; don’t be afraid. You are one of us now.”

I was now on my knees, about to beg him to make it stop…please make the pain stop. But I told myself… this is what you wanted, this is why he loves you. This is why you love him…

Don’t scream.
Don’t cry.

“Sorry Sarah.” He whispered before I was out.

I reached blindly, my senses obscured, one last time. And then everything turned black.

The author's comments:
Something i wrote awhile ago, i had to cut off some of it. So i'll probably be posting more later! Enjoy :)

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