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Rebekah's Diary Part 2

January 11, 2010
By sabrina668 BRONZE, San Jose, California
sabrina668 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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[By this time we're getting on the subway after we had to wait for the delayed train]
Yet: Aren't you exhausted? It's almost time for sleeping in the US.
{Now that he mentions it, Im starting to feel exhausted}
[He looks at me and smirks]
Yet: I called that one. Here take a nap we have about 20 minutes.
(He moves his arm over me as I rest my head on his chest)
{As I lightly sleep: thoughts go through my head as to why I'm sleeping on an almost stranger's chest and I also realize that his head is slightly resting on mine}
I must have actually fallen asleep because I wake up to a voice in my ear calling my name.
Yet: Beka, Beka. Time to wake up. It's almost our stop.
I raised my head up and smile at him.
Me: I didn't even think I would fall asleep. Sorry.
Yet: Sorry? That was the point Beka.
Me: Yeah still.
Yet: Don't worry.
[He looks at his phone and sighs]
Yet: We have to almost run back to school. The bus has too many stops.
Me: That's fine. Let's go slowpoke!
[We run back to school and as I find out he's anything but slow]
Yet: Well we made good time so now we have ten minutes till class. ( He walks over to the railing fence and leans against it and I join him)
Yet: I was thinking while we were running.
Me: Ut oh.
Yet: You look Asian but what is your ethnicity?
Me: You got the Asian right. I'm a half Japanese from my mother and half French from my Dad.
Yet: French? So you like snails and bread?
Me: Bread yes. Snails as things that are living and not in my stomach.
Yet: That's right. The untypical American girl.
Me: Exactly. Let's go to class.
June 2 (con't)
Before the teacher came::
Reda: Rebekah!! Tell us everything!!
[There was about 10 girls all sitting in a circle gossiping when I came in]
PK: Yeah!! You went to lunch with X5! Yet, Teke, Goy, Wei, and Xin!
All the other girls: What?!? Thats impossible!!
Girl #3: How did that even happen tell us everything?? I'm Urey by the way!!
Girl #4: She was with Yet this morning but he was talking in English!! (in English) Yeah Rebekah tell us all of it from when you woke up!! Please! I'm Hasset.
Girl #5: If she's going to tell you, let her sit down. I'm Irene.
Me: Thanks. (I smile at her) So I was following some younger girls in our uniform because I didn't know how to get to school. They turned a different corner or something because I lost them and then I was looking at a map when Yet walked up to me.
Urey: Yet?!? I would die or faint at least. He's so hot!
Me: Right but then he walked with me to school and the office to check in. Then you all saw me walk up here.
Irene: That was nice of him.
Me: Yeah, it was.
Hasset: So what about lunch today how did that happen?!?
PK: I can tell the first part. Me, Reda and Rebekah were outside in the courtyard and we were inviting her to lunch with us when Yet came up behind her. He put his arm over his shoulder and said he promised to take her to lunch!
Reda: Yeah he even apologized to us while still having his arm on her.
Hasset: No way!! No one has ever seen him do that before right?
[All the girls shake their head]
Girl #6: Wait!! I saw him do that again! It was on the subway back to school and I was by myself coming back from my house. He was sitting with a girl in our uniform with his arm over her shoulders and her head on his chest. His head was on hers and they were both sleeping! So cute!
Urey: But who was the girl?!? Was it you Rebekah?
[The teacher walks in and draws us to attention]
Irene: You don't have to tell them if you don't want to.
Me: But... Thats lying right?
Irene: No just tell them about lunch with the guys. They'll get distracted.
Me: That's really smart thanks Irene.
[Class resumes]
After class:
PK: Where do you live Rebekah?
Me: I live on Matsumoto Street, do you know where that is?
Reda: Yeah thats near Irene's and Wei's houses. Yet's is like two streets over from that. That's how you must have run into each other.
Irene: Rebekah, If you would like to walk with me you're more than welcome.
Me: Thank you, that sounds great.
Reda: We'll see you tomorrow!
PK: Till tomorrow!
[Irene and I start walking]
Me: How did you know I was with Yet?
Irene: I put the facts together. X5 goes to McDonalds every Monday and you went with them.
Me: That's smart of you. I'm just lucky the other girls don't know that.
Irene: Your secret is safe with me Rebekah. But I have one question.
Me: Thanks and call me Beka. Go ahead.
Irene: Why don't you want everyone to know? It would make you really popular.
Me: I don't want to be popular and honestly I'm just exhausted. I felt comfortable with him then. I only met him this morning but it feels like so long that I've known him.
Irene: Beka. I think you're making a smart choice and you've only been here for a day. I've heard of that feeling being caused by a kindred soul, it can be best friends or even lovers.
Me: Kindred souls. Maybe it was just he was the first friendly face I met.
Irene: That could be it. This is my street. You can get to yours from here right?
Me: Yeah I'm sure I can. See you tomorrow Irene thank you.
Irene: Bye Beka.
[I start walking to my street which is about two more down]
Yet: Beka, Beka! Hold up!
I stop walking.
Yet: You live over here?
Me: Thats where I'm walking. Matsumoto Street.
Yet: Matsumoto thats pretty close to me. Wei lives on your street. I'll walk you home.
Me: You don't need to, I won't get lost this time.
Yet: This is different. I want to walk with you. I'm sorry I took so long I had tennis practice.
Me: Was I suppose to wait for you?
Yet: In my dreams.
Me: Haha. as part of X5 I'm not good enough for being in your dreams. (I smile)
[Yet stops walking and turns to look at me putting his hands on my shoulders]
Yet: That X5 stuff is stupid Beka. Even kiddingly my friends are just friends. I don't know how we even got that name.
Me: I was just kidding, Yet. I think it's just for fun really.
Yet: (He starts walking again) The reason I came to find you is because I didn't get your phone number.
Me: I would give it to you if I had one. My US number doesn't seem to work here. (smiling)
Yet: Thats unacceptable. Well at least take my number and call me from your house phone later.
Me: Sounds good to me.
[We reach my house and I stop walking]
Me: This is it. I'll see you tomorrow then.
Yet: Yeah I will.
[As I started to move away he throws his arms around my back and pulls me closer into a close hug. I wrap my arms around his back and we stay like that for a few seconds. Because no one will ever read this I can say how my heart was pounding and I was certainly blushing red. He stepped away looking down]
Yet: Call me later then. [rubs the back of his head and leaves]
After showering, eating, and trying to do my homework in Japanese I open my school backpack pocket to find his number and decide to call it.
Yet: Hello? (In Japanese)
Me: Hey Yet it's me Beka.
Yet: Beka! You did call.
Me: I said I would, silly.
Yet: I was being hopeful but it's different to actually hear your voice. What's up?
Me: I was trying to do my homework but thats pretty hopeless my characters are so ugly! And my mother won't be home to help till 10.
Yet: I'm doing mine too. Do you want to meet somewhere?
Me: I would like to, but knowing me I'll get..
Yet: Lost. That's right. Well I don't want you to fail out of school, that would ruin my plan of keeping you here in Japan.
Me: I did enough to get by really.
Yet: Well I would invite you to come over here but that would be the lost factor again.
Me: Well if you want you can come over here. The downstairs is pretty messy from my mother but my room is pretty empty.
Yet: Sounds good to me. I'll be there in ten.
Me: Ok see you then.
[I looked at myself and decided that it looked fine for homework. I was wearing sweats and a loose cotton Yale tshirt.]
(The doorbell rang and I opened the door to Yet]

The author's comments:
The second part of this diary, still way more of it to go! Read the part 1 of this if you want to understand it at all.

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i cant wait for the rest of the sequel this is awesome!!!!!!!!

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