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Wednesday Morning

January 11, 2010
By fhgirl126 BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
fhgirl126 BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
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First period ends, and I haul my backpack over my shoulder, the weight of it a burden. I walk down the hallway, my eyes glazing over as I stare straight ahead. The world outside is wintery, the earth frozen solid. There are a million shades of grey and brown and the landscape is full of them. The hallway is full of the noises of slamming lockers and friends gossiping. The girl’s walk slowly, the boys huddle around trashcans. I am too tired. I stare at the ground in front of me, shifting my backpack from shoulder to shoulder. I turn a corner and climb the stairs, barely noticing the colorful flyers splashed across the bulletin boards. When I reach the top, I am out of breath. I stop for a second, and then soldier on down the hallway.

The third floor is empty and I relax. My pace slows. I have 5 more minutes until my next class. Then, I see him at the end of the hallway, and suddenly I regret this lingering walk of mine, that seemed like such a good idea only moments before. I fidget, and my hair is too messy. I should’ve worn it down instead of in a bun, and I don’t look very pretty I wonder if he’ll notice. I am now wide awake, like caffeine has been shot through my system. He’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and looks slightly crumpled, the just got out of bed look. His hair is wet. My heart jumps uncontrollably. I am wearing jeans and a flowy grey top. My boots make me an inch taller, taller than him. Why did I wear this shirt, it’s so plain and the color washes me out. As he approaches, I try to pretend not to see, but it is us and the hallway, the fluorescent lights beating down on us. He looks like he could care less. I probably look like a deer caught in the headlights. I busy myself with my notebook, and silently reprimand myself for being so chicken. When I finally look up, the moment of truth has come. His eyes meet mine, and they are brown and kind. I cannot tell whether or not he is glad to see me. His expression remains calm, as he nods a hello. He nods a hello, like this is the most ordinary thing in the world and it is just another second out of his day.

Words tumble out of my mouth. “Oh hey, what’s up? I have to go, I’m so late, I’ll talk to you later.” It’s basically a conversation with myself. I look around, as if I’m searching for a clock. I think I see the beginnings of a smile on his face as I rush off to my next class. I pull open the door and grab a seat near the back. The classroom is just starting to fill. It’s cold in the room, and I feel that prickly feeling when you’re just beginning to sweat. My friend asks me why my cheeks are so red, and then smiles as if she knows. I look at the clock and realize that I still have 2 minutes left. I wonder what he’s thinking right now.

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