My Love Story

January 4, 2010
By De93be14 SILVER, West Winfield, New York
De93be14 SILVER, West Winfield, New York
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Justine: Hi!
Ian: Oh my who said that?
Justine: I did.
Ian: Who are you?
Justine: I’m Justine, and you?
Ian: I’m Ian, what are you doing here?
Justine: I’m visiting a friend, and you?
Ian: I live here.
Justine: Oh, okay. Well, bye.
Ian: Bye.
(Next Day)
Justine: Hi!
Ian: What, oh it’s you again.
Justine: Yup! What’cha doing?
Ian: Working.
Justine: oh, can I help?
Ian: Um, sure?
Ian: So, are you enjoying it here?
Justine: Oh, uh, I haven’t gotten out much because, my friend doesn’t go anywhere.
Ian: Well, that can be remedied.
Justine: How?
Ian: Join me tomorrow, here.
Ian: Oh, and wear walking shoes.
Justine: Hi!
Justine: You alright?
Ian: Yup! Oops! I mean yes.
Justine: (giggles) So where are we going?
Ian: ?Places?
(A montage of places around town)
Justine: Wow! I never had this much fun, ever!!
Ian: I’m glad you had fun.
Justine: Definitely, I appreciate it so much.
Ian: You’re welcome.
Justine: Bye.
Ian: Bye.
(Montage to a couple weeks went by with them slowly getting to know each other)
Justine: Hi!
Ian: Whoa! Oh, it’s you. You keep frightening me and I don’t know how you do it.
Justine: Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, I’m leaving.
Ian: No!!
Justine: Yes. Yes I am.
Ian: Tonight, come here tonight.
Justine: Okay?
(Sky darkens to show passage of time)
Justine: Hi?
Ian: Hi.
(Awkward silence)
Ian: (Kiss)
Ian: I love you.
Justine: (Kiss)
Justine: I love you, too.
Both: (Kiss)
Ian: Marry me?
Justine: Yes!
Ian: Yes!?
Justine: Yes!!
Ian: Yes!!
(More Kissing)
( Credits roll with them getting married in the background)

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