Are you kidding me?

January 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Are You Kidding Me?

“Ohhh! I can not stand him!” I kept yelling to myself.

My mother ran onto the balcony as soon as she heard me yelling my lungs out. My mother, yes, is the Queen of Scotland. She's so beautiful. Her gorgeous brown hair was fluttering in the breeze as she ran to me. While ashamed me, had syrup slowly dripping down my face. Who would want the Queen of Scotland to see you drenched in syrup? Not me!

“Lilly what is — Oh my! What has happened to you my dear?” “ I loathe him, I loathe him...” I kept muttering under my breath.

“You loathe who Lilly? Now stop muttering and speak clearly!” My mother said, sharply like a crack of a whip. I flinched slightly.

“Who? Hah! Who? Mr. Prince Charming himself, Sir Henry Hill! That’s who!” I inquired disgustingly as I stomped to my room.

“Oh.” She said, softly.

For 8 years Henry and I have been mortal enemies. Why you may ask? It was my eighth birthday, and because Henry was Henry, he thought it would be quite humorous to throw my precious new porcelain doll into the river. And ever since then, we have been torturing each other. Immature? Maybe, but when your worst nightmare pours syrup on you, getting even is so sweet.

Today, his evil plot, like every other day, was to ruin my life. He snuck over onto the roof on my castle and once I was under Henry, he threw a bucket of syrup on my poor head.

“Really Lilly, why must you and Henry fight like this? This is not how I raised you! You my daughter need to act more like a lady!” My mother said sternly as she walked after me. I took a deep breath. There was no need for an argument this early in the morning.

“Yes mother.” I said, defeated. I then heard someone chuckle out side. I ran back to the balcony, and sure enough, there was gorgeous, malevolent Henry. Sure, Henry was quite handsome in every way possible, with the most gorgeous deep blue eyes. But even so, he is and will always be my worst nightmare.

It took all my concentration not to yell and threaten him while my mother was in my presence. So I merely smiled a wicked smile straight at him. He stopped chuckling and suddenly disappeared over the side of my castle.

“You wait Henry Hill, you just wait,” I muttered. I then stormed into my room, or as my dear friend Emily calls it “my extended house”, I plopped onto the glorious, plump bed of mine. I slowly dozed off into a wonderful engrossed slumber. I suddenly awake panting, and breathing hard. Oh what a nightmare! I was dreaming about Henry and I on the beach and…. Ugh. A cold sharp shiver slowly crept down my spine. I decided to get up and shake off the dream. I then fluffed my bangs and combed through my long brown hair.

Then all of the sudden, my best friend Emily Steward busted through the doors. “Guess what?” She practically screamed.

“SHH Emily, your going to wake up the whole house!”

She smiled apologetically. “You are looking at the new writer for the Telegraph of Scotland!!”

“Are you serious? That’s incredible Emily! I am so happy for you!” I ran to her, hugging her tightly.

“Oh no! I am going to be late!” Emily said all of the sudden.

“Late for what Emily?” “ My dinner with Tommy Jones.” she said, as huge glorious smile approached her adorable face.

Tommy Jones. Tommy is my cousin and he also has a twin brother named Taylor. My cousins and I are very close friends, but the only thing that sometimes gets in the way of our friendship is that they are both best friends with Henry.

“Really?” I asked Emily. I knew that they have been crushing on each other for years now, but they are both so shy that they didn’t have the courage to do anything. But now that Tommy is older, and ALMOST matured, he has finally received the courage to ask Emily to dinner.

“Well I have to go!” Emily said, while walking towards the door.

“In that old dress? I think not! Now come sit on my vanity and we will see what we can do with you.” In ten minuets, I was able to completely give Emily a whole new look. I curled her hair just enough to make it a nice soft curl and added little sparkles here and there in her hair. For the makeup, I kept it light and simple. When I stepped away from Emily, I gasped.

“Do I look that hideous?” Emily asked, concerned.

“No! Take a look for yourself!” As she turned to my mirror, she gasped as well.

“ Lilly, I love you! Thank you so much! I don’t think I have ever looked this good!” Her smile was radiant.

“ It was my pleasure Emily, now hurry, you cant keep Tommy waiting!” I winked at her as she got up from my vanity and ran out the door.

Once Emily had left, I decided that I should read for a little while. I walked down the spiral staircases down to the library. I trailed my hand along the stairs, feeling the texture of the cool stone underneath my fingertips. All the while, without me knowing, Henry had snuck into my room.

After reading a few chapters of my favorite book, “The Hidden Crimson Letters”, I started my way up back to my room. When I approached my door, I thought I heard whispering and rustling behind the door. I slowly opened the door, and immediately felt a change in the atmosphere. The air in the room was thick, like slow moving syrup. Then all of the sudden, from the dark shadows, Henry Hill appears.

“Are you kidding me?” I screamed, as he managed to blind fold me and gag me with some sort of rough material the next second. I squirmed, but Henry was too strong.

“Stop moving Lilly. It will be a lot less painful for the both of us.”

I managed to wriggle my mouth free of the cloth and started to say “Painful my” — he interrupted me by gagging me again. Henry muffled a laugh.

“Lilly this would just be a whole lot easier if you would not be so difficult. I don’t really have a choice of not doing this. And I don’t enjoy doing having to do it. So please just cooperate.” He then swung my over his shoulders and started to run down the spiral staircase; I then heard the front door open. I felt the cold crisp air sting my bare arms. Today was not the day to wear a short-sleeved dress.

“Okay Lilly, were done.” Henry said, as he set me on the cold ground and took the blindfold off of me.

“Henry…” I slowly stood up. “What in the world was that for?”

He slowly smiled, and said, “Oh, I just wanted to win a bet.” As soon as I heard the words win and bet, I lost it. I lunged at Henry, not caring about my new dress. We both fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“Ha Ha Ha!” Henry laughed, as he grabbed my arms and restrained me, holding me to the ground.

“You wait Henry Hill! You just wait! Someday I am”—I was silenced by Henry’s lips.

“Wha-What was that for!” I asked, awestruck. I didn’t move, I couldn’t move. I could not even move my arm to slap him hard across his beautiful face. Henry looked deep into my eyes. His blue eyes were searching, searching for something he didn’t know. I had a feeling that this notion was something that I did not even know.

The author's comments:
Lilly Williams was born into royalty. Her mother and father are the King and Queen of Scotland. Lilly is wealthy, and is admired by other Royal Families. Henry Hill and Lilly Williams have known each other since they were eight years old. And ever since then, they have been arch enemies. While the battle between them continues, Lilly and Henry are starting to wonder if this eight year war between them was really started for stealing a doll.

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