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January 3, 2010
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What would happen if you saw a freak of nature I’m not talking about a monster or something totally nasty I am talking about something great something way more interesting something you look at and it takes your breath away. Well I know exactly what would happen if I saw a freak of nature I would stop stare and go up to this handsome freak of nature and ask him what his problem was. That’s what I did on the first day of high school at Glen lakes High. Now this guy-whose name I later found out was Joe ,now what kind of name is that for something so amazing his name should be Gabriel or something amazing but no he is just a Joe, every Girl who looked at him instantly fell in love with him the best part about it is he was so oblivious about it he kept walking down the hall like nothing was wrong but everyone else knew there was something wrong very wrong why would a guy who looked like this, who most certainly had to be a model, was doing in the small town of Glenville, population five hundred, well since he did not seem very keen of talking nobody said anything until my big mouth had to go and say something.
I went up To our new friend Joe and blurted out right in front of him “ what the hell is your problem” Joe just looked at me and kept walking wanting to get my answer I started to follow him I was very unaware of all the people gawking at us which according to Liz, my best friend, was about the entire school I just kept going after him finally he turned around and I almost ran into him he bent down to my ear a whispered “you don’t want to know” he straighter up and kept waking to what I assumed was his class that’s when I really started to think what is wrong with him I want to know why he is so good looking and all he says is that I don’t want to know actually I pretty sure I want to know exactly why he is so good looking cause something tells me it’s not just his levis that make him so hot.

Liz ran up to me and asked me what he said I slowly replied back “um nothing really” “then what did you ask him” she exasperated “I asked him what is problem was” “his problem is that he is so hot everything about him is soooo hot his brown hair with the gold streaks and how it falls across his eyes his hazel eyes his muscular frame that red shirt he is amazing I wish he would at least look at me much less talk to me” I was still wondering what he meant by I don’t want to know I just nodded and started walking to my next class which was honors geometry being a freshman and getting into honors geometry is probably my best academic achievement I really don’t think of myself as smart I am more of an athletic girl. So when I walked into my class room the last person I expected to see was Joe I thought he would be one of those but yet there he was in all his glory sitting there like he was modeling I just walked right by him and sat down in my normal seat next to my boyfriend who leaned over and kissed me on the cheek he knew I loved when he did this it made me feel like he was mine and let every other girl know that this guy Is Mine and to back off it was hard having a boyfriends who was the star quarterback on the varsity team even if they had only won one game this season it did not matter he was the best looking guy in the entire school that was until Joe walked in. Now Joe was, I kind of felt bad inside because I had not given Justin a single thought since seeing Joe don’t get me wrong I still love Justin the way he kisses me so soft and thoughtful the way he looks when his pants are a little too big and they have a rip in the knee from playing touch football with his friends and me and then the way his soft chestnut hair just long enough to look good but not like Joe’s where it fell in his eyes and his eyes they were a very dark brown I always fell into it was so mesmerizing I loved everything about him but I had to admit Joe was pretty good looking. I smiled back at Justin and asked him about his latest touch game I knew that if I kept on talking that I would not think of Joe. Justin explained every good pass every good run every stupid thing the other team did and what would of happened if I was not at swim practice and was playing by that time our teacher came in and started by saying that we have a new student all the way from California, that makes a lot more sense why his tan is so dark in the suburbs of Wisconsin you don’t really get that many hot days don’t get me wrong we have a nice June July and august but by the time October rolls around it’s like winter, and he will be in most of your guys honors classes he is a very intelligent man. “She sure has the hots for him” Justin murmured I started to giggle and Joe sent over a glare that could pierce through glass.

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C!tyG!rl777 said...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 6:55 pm
Dude, you have talent!
swim4ever replied...
Jan. 21, 2010 at 6:14 am
Thank You!!!
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