Immortal Love

January 2, 2010
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“Elizabeth, Are you going to wear the dress?!” Serena asked eagerly.
“Of course I am.” I told her. As I found the blow-dryer and began drying my hair, turning on the curling irons for me and her. Serena had bought me a new dress especially for the occasion. It was beautiful.
Serena’s clothing line was going to be officially broadcast at the Plaza hotel in a fashion show, along with other up-and coming designers Serena had told me that it was going to be BIG; there were going to be local, and global news reporters, and interviewers, and paparazzi. Serena was psyched. And I had to admit, I was a little excited too. I got to wear the dress she made especially for me. Jack and I were her entourage; he looked smart in his Dior tuxedo. Serena was apparently wearing a dress she had designed and made last year. It was beautiful. The dress was a deep azure blue off-the-shoulder number that was tight at the top, and then went out and flowing all the way to her toes at the bottom. I couldn’t believe my own sister had made it.
The plaza looked amazing. They had blocked off the road, and a red carpet snaked all the way down the sidewalk. The large screens that usually displayed adverts, instead showed the live video footage of the designers being interviewed and celebrities entering. I was wondering how I was going to get to the plaza entrance without having to walk down the red carpet all eyes on me. When suddenly Serena was being swept down the carpet with Jack, reporters either side of her and Jack.
Oh My God. I would have to do it alone. Serena turned back, and mouthed “I’m sorry!!”
I stood at one end of the carpet blinking stupidly at all the flashing lights, when suddenly out of nowhere I felt a strong arm gently link mine, and I looked up to see who my random saviour was, only to stare into the beautiful face of Leo Mason. His amazing curly dark hair was all floppily messed up, His deep brown eyes were the exact colour of melted chocolate, and he had on a gorgeous tuxedo. He looked good, very good. I realised I had been staring at his face for longer than was normal, and quickly snapped out of my daze, as Leo guided me down the red carpet. I was shouted at by paparazzi, all asking similar questions.
“Who are you wearing?”
“Are you two going out?”
“Is Serena Hamilton really your sister?”
I just stopped, smiled and with that, Leo and I walked off of the red carpet, and into the Plaza.
As we entered the grand foyer I tugged on his arm to stop him walking any further.
“First, Thanks for saving me back there, and second, what are you doing here?” I asked him. Okay, that was rude. What was wrong with me?
He looked amused. Like he was trying to cover that smile of his,
“Well...I was going to ask you the same thing. But I know the answer now.” He shrugged. “My dad owns the Plaza Hotel chains.” He shrugged.
I just stood there mouth open. A little unattractive, but who cares.
“Seriously? Wow. That would make you very...”
“Rich? Well, the hotels were passed down from my grandfather when he died, and my dad took over the business. I suppose you could call my family well off.”
“Actually, I was going to say ‘experienced with these kinds of occasions.’ But, rich is good. That’s really impressive”
He laughed his amazing laugh “I could say the same for you too! Serena Hamilton is your sister? That’s a big deal.”
“Thanks.” I smiled at him.
“You didn’t have to do that at lunch yesterday, I’m happy with people thinking we’re social recluses, seriously.” Leo said, totally deadpan.
I laughed, and he cracked a smile.

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