January 2, 2010

Lightening forked the star-scattered sky, its fingers twisting through the gnarled branches above their heads.
His body hung limply from the ancient bough, the knotted rope swung beside his corpse counting the seconds since his execution as if its aged cord was a metronome. Left, right. Left, right.
They stood, watching. Some in awe, others out of fear. Eyes twitched nervously. What next. Nobody spoke, glances were swapped and feet were shuffled.
Their next victim began to struggle beneath the hands that held her in a drug induced sleep. A few who stood watching stared as she writhed upon the ground. Only some noticed her awake. She struggled to drag herself upright beneath their grasp, but they began to drag her back, out of the clearing and into the forest. As she glanced up for the first time, she noticed his corpse, swinging in the breeze.
Screams of horror echoed through the forest. The creatures hunting, fearful, scattered their prey and ran for cover. In her frenzy, she looked toward him once more. His limbs limp and hanging loosely. Her cries echoed once more as they carried her from him.
Unbelieving, she allowed herself one more stolen glance. His eyes opened and he winked silently at her.
Hope was restored.

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