upon wings of midnight (part 1)

December 30, 2009
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i was half roused by a moan in the middle of the night.
its just the wind i tell my self rolling over in my bed.
the moan came again.
stupid wind, im trying to sleep.
the moan came agin closer this time, it sounded pained now and there was a creak in the floor bord
wind dosn't creak floor bords
i was awake now and alert but i kept my eyes closed and my breathing steady
sudently i was aware of aware of a presece beside my bed side and a stiky copery sent that i couldnt quite place.
a hard calased hand slaped over my mouth. i gasp through my nose,takeing in the sent of fresh blood. the face i look up at is young but hardend in scowl twisted in pain
"God, please dont scream" he wispers releasing me
i dont.
he studies me as if makeing a decition.
"who are you?" i wisper
he purposly doesnt answer instead : "i need your help" he chokes through the pain.
"your hurt ill get a doctor 'i say searching automaticly fo the blood
he winces "no. no doctors just help me
"stay hear" i say and i disapear out of my room.

i watch her go her brown hair falling out of her long braid it almost killed me to wake her up. when she was sleeping she looked just like an -
i lagh bitterly at my self i was going to say angel when the irony of the idea struck m once she found out what i was it was going to be hard enought to get her to keep quiet long enought to help me let alone get her to like me.
i tried to push the idea out of my head when i spot a glossy black feather on the hard wood floor. i reach down and twirl it between my fingers.
No. I would never be any thing to her.
right now i could here her fiddleing with somthing down stairs. I could already tell she was difrent by the way she had jumpt at the chance to help me. someone who had apeared out of no were bleeding. she had a good heart and she definatly diserved better than me. she returned whith a large over stufed first-ade kit .

i walk back into the room luging the over stuffed "ouchy" kit I'd made when i was five.
i looked at the strange guy who sat at the foot of my bed his black hair falling into his grim golden eyes. i,ve never seen eyes like that or his black hair thats blue sheen showed even in the dim lite.
sudently im very self concius as i set the box on my bed he was looking at me, i could feal his golden eyes eating me up hungerly.
"were are you hurt?" i wisper
he tenses and looks at me "please dont scream" he wispers again and stands.
hes weak but he's tough and as he takes of his dark jacket i see him wince and i see the sorce of the blood without thinking i find my fingers moving twards him and stroke through the glossy black blood stained feathers.
he had wings.

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Hay.467 said...
Jan. 18, 2010 at 6:11 pm
GO TASHA! i liked it ALOT! but you were supposed to let jessie and me edit it!!! other than the misspelled words, i say just make it a little longer and don't rush into the beginning so fast...it was REALLY good! now you just gotta post the phantom :)
Silverdragon replied...
Jan. 18, 2010 at 8:34 pm
the Phantom is awaiting aproval and its much better and i was afraid somone would walk in and still the laptop away so it was horrible ill probaly retype it
Hay.467 replied...
Jan. 23, 2010 at 5:59 pm
o well, i'm glad your putting stuff on :) now we just gotta find away to get your art on too !!!!
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