First and Only Love

October 26, 2009
By Anonymous

“Please, get off me and leave me alone.” These are words I said often. The parents that have raised me since birth are not creditable enough to call parents. They are two people that drove there only flesh and blood to suicide on Christmas Day. My so called father, tall muscular man, made me participate in horrible activities, just so he and his drunken friends could have a little entertainment. The worst part of it all was my mother wouldn’t make them stop. About my mother, she always wore to much makeup and not enough clothes. Every day at 5 o’clock when my father and his friends would come home for work, she would parade around the house dancing for them. Growing up my mother taught me to do this, but I now know it was wrong. At the age of 17, I realize this is not the life I want to live and I need to get away. I thought it would be wise to go talk to my dad, but in the back my head I knew nothing would change.
“Dad if you don’t stop, Ill put a stop to it,” I said.
“Shut up you stupid b*tch,” my dad barked at me.
“I guess I’ll just give up on life; there is nothing to live for,” I whispered. Seconds went by, no response from my dad.

I knew what I was about to do wasn’t going to help anything but it would stop the pain and embarrassment. Most people would call it giving up; I call it giving in to my father. He never wanted me. He wanted a boy to play baseball with not a girl to play dress up with.

At last, I push the door open and force myself to run. One by one my dad and his drunken friends stumble to follow me. I listen and here the horrible names I being called, that’s when I know that this is final, there is no turning back now.
“Come back here Princess, we were only joking” they hollered at me. Princess is not my name, it’s the name they would call me when they wanted to get lucky.
As I ran down the street, I caught glimpses of families eating a nice Christmas dinner, opening presents, and just enjoying everyone’s company. I thought to myself, if I could have one last wish that would be it. I wish that I could have one person that truly cared about me. I feel my feet getting heavier with each step I take. The end of the road is now in site, and that is where I want to be. The men behind me are keeping my pace. The road stops, the gravel covers my feet, and I keep sprinting towards the ocean. I’m so close I can hear the waves wash up on the rock. Now I can see the fence on the edge of the cliff, a few more steps and I’m there. Then men seem to get louder.
“No, Bella,” I hear one yell, as the others just yell for me to stop. “Please stop Bella,” the same voice cries as I climb the fence. I turn around to see men running towards me, one catches my eye. It was Kirk from school. “No,” he screams as I jump. He climbs the fence, and I see his face as I fall. I hear him holler, “I was coming to help you, because I love you.” I hit the ground.
Seconds later I feel Kirk warm arm hold me. Kirk lays there embracing my body.
“I love you Bella Marie, don’t forget that,” he says holding back his tears.
I manage to squeeze out the words to say,” I love you too Kirk.”

Tears steam down my face and everything goes black, but in my mind I know that my last wish came true. My cold body lays there for what seemed like hours, until the paramedics arrive. I finally hear the five words that I had been waiting for, “There is no heart beat.”

The author's comments:
This peice came to me after a dream I had. Its alittle out there but Its somthing that could happen.

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