Heartbreak Hunter.

October 14, 2009
By , lubbock, TX
i remember i had always had a secret obsession with him.
i would see him in the hall and my heart would skip. His hair was long and black always flipped to the right. It was a Skater/Emo. He was so cute. He rarely talked to me. When he did it wouldnt be a hey hello type of convo; it would be those 5 hour ones.One day after i got my heartbroken by another guy...like always... He asked me "hey Taylor are you okay?" i studdered "y-yeah.." He gave me a look.
"show me your cuts"
it was like he knew!! He could see right through me.
i lifted up my sleeve to show him..all 32.
He kissed my arm and said "promise me you wont do that.. it hurts me to see a girl as pretty as you hurt yourself" i giggled and nodded. the bell rang. dang it!
he hugged me and sprinted to his class. Oh gosh was he cute!! He had a girlfriend though.

A few days later at the band compitition Hunter walked up to me in the freezing cold and held me close to his body to keep us both warm. After we played and all that jazz we were on the bus about to leave back to our town. Hunter had his arm around me. He turned and looked at me in the eyes and said in his soothing voice. "Taylor I dont know how to tell you this ,so im just going to say it. I like you alot."
i froze. i couldnt get the words out fast enough "I like you too...."
He smiled. He leaned in and kissed me. His were so soft,sweet, just indescribable. Not to mention a great kisser!! The time flyed after that pretty soon i had to go back to my own bus. he kissed me once again. Since it was only 7 when we got back to our town we decieded we would go to a movie.
It was a double feature so that ment more time with him =]

When we arrived it was Ashlee,Chelsea, and I. During the previews Hunter and his little brother showed up.
As soon as he sat down we were already hand and hand.
After the first movie was over he told me to come with him to go get something to drink so of course lovestruck me followed. When we exited the theater he pulled me behind a poser and we made out.

i had forgotten that he had a girlfriend so on monday everyone was on my case. His girlfriend and him broke-up, everyone deleted me off facebook, and my real friends told me he was bad news. After the bell ring for school to end i ran as fast as i could outside and saw him. He put his arms around me, Kissed me, and said "Taylor, will you be my girlfriend?" I kissed him back and replied "does that answer your question?"

From Monday to now was the same his ex gf drama and blahh!!
I was told she wanted to fight me. now you see i am a lover not a fighter. She scared me actually. I was just edgeing to see him. i slammed the car door. I ran so freakin' fast. He wasnt there...
where was he? Was something wrong?
I went through that whole day... no Hunter. I saw his ex and she called "TAYLOR!! TAYLOR!!" "oh hey ashton."
"I dont want to fight you. Im not like that, but i really love Hunter. He called me last night and told me that he doesnt even like you he just want to see if he can get into your pants. Dont tell him i told you"
my heart shatterded. "okay"
i ran out the door tears running down my face...
when i got home i got a phone call. Hunter.
"Um hey Taylor"
(i could tell he had been crying)
"whats wrong hun?"
"um im going to DAEP for 90 days"
"They caught me smoking weed"
"I dont want you to have a boyfriend you never see. i dont want to put you through that..."
"are we still buddies?"
"yeah.." i was starting to choke up.
"um remember our promise?"
"please dont cut over me im not worth it.. no one is your perfect..."
the line hung up....
Later i found out he only was running back to his ex.....
Heartbreak Hunter </3

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