COLD chapter 1

December 21, 2009
Chapter 1

You know that feeling like you're being watched by someone or sometimes something, but don't know whether its good or bad. To feel scared or safe? I have to deal with that kind of feeling every day of my pathetic life. My life may be pathetic, but it's far from boring. How would you feel if you didn't know if you saw the death of a living breathing person as it happened or if it was just a ghost playing with your head? Or how about when you're driving and you hit something that pops out of nowhere and it scares the life out of you? Thats right, if you guessed that I talk to dead people...your dead on.
Shyne get down here,” called my roommate from downstairs in the kitchen. I could smell the the pancakes that were being flipped and I could hear the bacon sizzling on the skillet. I raced to get to the breakfast table before the dog decided to snatch my bacon from my roommate, Shelly. Tripping on the final step down I gripped the handrail on the stairway over the sharp curve and flipped over the railing.
“ Must you be sooooooo immature?” Shell asked dryly. She was always on my case and almost always acting like my mom. Which I absolutely despised, I moved out for a reason, but I loved her like an older sister anyway. Rolling my eyes, I glanced over to the table and noticed an big yellow envelope.
“What's that???” I quizzed pointing at the big mystery on the little table.
“ I bought us a house close to the school,” she stated excitedly
“ You're kidding right??” I asked in disbelief. We had always hated this apartment, sure it was two stories but the landlord was a pain. Always pointing out how two seventeen year olds should not own a home by themselves. Since when is our business his??? That I will never understand. The only reason we owned a home was because we both hated our parents and we both had good jobs. I worked at Hot Topic, where you would not believe the discount I get for handling wanna be rocker punks, squealing girls- the occasional boy- over all our Edward Cullen merchandise, and the most common rude gothic emo boys who are always, and I mean ALWAYS, flirting with me and the other girls who worked there. It's creepy on so many levels, because they look like someone that Dracula's wife would have an affair with.
Shell on the other hand, worked at Justice where I would never be caught dead in. Well maybe I would be because if I did go in there I would die from embarrassment and the fact that it has no originality. I sat down and started to swallow Shell's famous bacon and my favorite blueberry pancake recipe.
“ And we will each have our own room!!” Shell squealed
“ Oh thank you god!!! I am sick and tired of looking at Barbie's dream house every time I wake up,” I joked. She gave me a quick glare then went back to washing the dishes. Then I heard the big yellow bus to Sampson High School of Hell pull up outside. I grabbed all my books in one graceful swipe of my arm and sprinted out the door, slid down the railing, landed on my feet and guess what...I didn't drop a thing.
As I sat down in first period I was already scheming ways to torture my teacher, Mr. Wilkinson, today was the kind of day I felt really good so I would probably think of something extra special. Turns out I couldn't think of anything so I used a classic technique. Mr. Wilkinson had left the room and I eyed his mini fridge full of Coke. I scanned the room and jogged over to the mini fridge. I took out two cans of Coke shook one up and switched it with the other unopened one on his desk. Next, I opened the other can and poured it all over his rolling chair. The class had been watching and erupted with giggles and laughter as I dashed back to my desk, giving everyone a high five as I went. And just as I sat down, the door was yanked open and for a minute I thought he saw me do it. Craaaaaappppp, I thought, Busted. All he was mad about though, was the fact that we were being loud. I breathed a sigh of relief, but swiftly got back to laughing as he opened the shaken Coke on his desk. There he stood drenched in Coke, his bald head glistened with drops of Coke, while it was flowing from his huge black Harry Potter glasses like Niagara Falls. His old wrinkled face suddenly went beet red and started to yell, “ WHO DID THIS??!!??”. I thought I was safe but no, someone just had to be a snitch. Just as he sat down he quickly stood back realizing it looked like he wet his fancy smancy trousers. As a smile spread across my face I heard a squeaky little voice above the roars of laughter.
“ Shyne did it,” the voice accused. I spun around, my fun had been spoiled by a stupid little smarty pants twelve year old who had skipped a few grades. Her wild red curls were in every direction, her pale face full of freckles and a smug smile revealed her bulky metal braces across jagged teeth. I looked her up in down, she was wearing small black loafers, black leg warmers, a checkered skirt that went down to her knees, and worst of all she wore a big puffy pirate shirt that was two sizes two big. I chuckled at the thought – that would be her reality – of me beating her later.
“ SHYNE COD, GO TO THE OFFICE TO SEE PRINCIPAL WELLER!!!!!” screamed Mr. Wilkinson. I laughed but went anyway. I walked down to the office laughing the whole way. Pulling the doors open, the receptionist looked up, pointed to Mrs. Weller's office, and went back to typing.
“ Ugh, what did you do this time??” she quizzed dryly.
“ The usual,” I replied
“ Can you not go through one day without getting in trouble?”
“ Nope, not at all. It would be WAY to boring”
She sighed and gestured for me to sit down. So I sat, putting my feet on her desk. She glared and said, “ I don't have the time or will to babysit you everyday so I need a break...your suspended.”
“ Are you serious??” I asked astonished
“ Yes, so go ruin someone else's day.” She replied tersely
I gathered my books and sauntered out, swearing under my breath. She heard.
“ Two weeks, so hurry up and go home!” She called.

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