White Moonlight (Prolouge)

December 21, 2009
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It was dark, it was night, and I walked carrying Breindel. “Sophie, I’m scared.” I held him and put his head against my shoulder.
“Let me tell you a story my Mama told me when I was very little just like you.” He nodded happily. “Once upon a time, there lived a little bug in a forest who was very afraid of the dark. Everyone he asked couldn’t help him before sundown to find a source of light. Sundown came and the moon that raised was very luminous against the night sky. That white moon shone over the forest of where that little bug lived and that little bug seen that it surely was bright.” I looked up at the sky waiting for some kind of help.
“What happened to the bug?” Breindel asked, noticing that I had paused.
“What did you think happened?” I asked.
He looked up at me and then rested his head again, “Did he ask that White Moon for some light?”
I nodded slowly, “Actually, yes, he did. And You know what the Moon said?” he shook his head, “He told the little bug that the only one who could really save himself from the dark was to believe that he could over come it and that he would grow his own light like the moon did.”
“Did he?”
“Well he did, he believed in himself and worked so hard that his light was just like a fire. And so he went on to teach all the other little bugs to also create their lights to save them from the dark. As the bugs learned this, they called him the Firefly.”
Breindel was quiet, then he spoke, "Look there Sophie, it's the white moon." he pointed and I saw it. That luminous white moon.

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