Everlasting Dream

December 20, 2009
“Will you trust me?” He held out his hand. We stood on the roof of his family’s house. His hand was reaching out to me.

“I’m scared.” I was shaking. I had never done anything like this before. My brain began to flood with a million what ifs. I began to sink into their watery depths and all hope of being pulled out was starting to fade.

“I’m with you. I’ll protect you.” He gave me a soft, but earnest stare. His face was calm, but his eyes were screaming out to me. They said to trust him. He was not going to allow anything to happen to me.

My mouth opened to protest again, but his eyes filled with a sadness my heart couldn’t bear. My heart broke apart, and the feeling of depression traveled throughout my body. His hand dropped, and hung limply at his side.

“Wait.” I grabbed his hand. My fingers fit in between his fingers as if they were the last piece of a puzzle. Slowly the electricity from his palm traveled through my arm and flowed to every open spot in my body. We both looked at our hands and at each other. When I looked into his eyes, I saw a light brighter than the sun.

He gently grabbed my other hand and put them around his neck. He put both of his hands around my waist. I looked into his eyes unsure of why he needed me to trust him.

“Will you trust me?” He asked me again. This time I knew he knew the answer. I smiled and nodded slowly.

“I trust you.” Those three words gave him a beam of energy. Before I had the chance to ask him why, we were already off the roof. I gasped and wrapped my arms around his neck holding on for dear life. I looked up into his eyes confused, scared, and surprised.

“You trust me don’t you?” He laughed.

“Yes I trust you, but I had no clue my feet would be leaving the ground.” He smiled and kissed my forehead. He pulled me in close giving me reassurance that he would protect me.

We may have been to Hawaii or London, but he was the only thing that I focused on. He was the fantasy that I visited every night. I held on tighter. I buried my face in his shirt hiding from the clutches of reality. I knew that this was going to end soon.

“Thank you, for trusting me.” I opened my eyes. We were back on the roof once again. He grabbed my hands from around his neck. He didn’t let go right away, but instead held onto them not wanting to let go.

“It’s time isn’t it?” He nodded and let go. He gave me a kiss on the forehead. Then as fast as he had appeared, he was gone and I was staring at the white ceiling in my room. The dream was gone, but I could steal feel his electricity running through my veins.

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