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Just Friends

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Rob and I arrived at Starbucks after a short walk from school. He opened the door for me like any proper gentleman would do for any lady on a date…not that our little coffee run was a date. The mere word "date" would send Rob running in the opposite direction like a headless chicken.

I spotted an empty table in the crowded coffeehouse and after pushing fiercely through the crowd, we settled down at our table.

Then, with a rather painful start, I realized that now was my moment to start acting differently if I wanted us to become anything more than friends. My crush on Rob for two years has been just a crush for far too long. Two years. That's how long I've been on my school's tennis team. It's no coincidence; Rob is my partner.

I'm forever wearing my tennis uniform in front of him. You would think my uniform would include a cute mini skirt, but no. They've been banned ever since Sally the s*** bent over and gave her partner an unexpected private show. As a result, Principle Franklin punished the whole team by buying us shorts that go to our knees!

Something was going to have to change. Guys liked flirtatious girls, right? Well then, I will be that girl.

I sat with my back straight, stomach sucked in and breasts pushed out. I twirled the ends of my hair mindlessly with my fingers. "I like your shirt," I said in the most seductive voice I could conjure up. Automatically, his eyes drifted down to his shirt and back up again. He muttered something really fast that sounded like thankyoumymomboughtit.

Then, I pulled the ultimate move. I rested my elbows on the table, leaned forward so he could see some cleavage and whispered, "I love your hair. It looks so soft." With one hand I tousled with his hair.

His eyes drifted from my eyes to my chest without hesitation. After a second, Rob finally realized where he was looking and quickly averted his eyes. I then gave him the sexiest side smile he'd ever seen.

Well…I tried to.

He cleared his throat, removed my hand from his hair and looked at me with big worried eyes. "Are you alright?"

I felt the heat climbing up from my toes, up to my neck and finally my cheeks.

Rob probably thought I was crazy! I should have known earlier that trying to change my demeanor would only get me into trouble.

I leaned back, took a deep breath and said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"Well, you're acting kind of different..." he said with an I'd-rather-be-anywhere-else-but-here look.

I zipped up my jacket, crossed my arms over my chest and stared out the window. Above it all, I was just downright embarrassed.

My temples throbbed and soon my vision became blurry.

"Different in a bad way?" I finished for him. He didn't answer.

Rob just stared out the window at the people passing by…just like me.

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