The Modern Eros: Part 2

December 18, 2009
By Katuria:D GOLD, Miami, Florida
Katuria:D GOLD, Miami, Florida
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I woke up to find myself in bed. Weird dream, I seriously needed to lay off the sweets. I checked the clock. 7:00. Perfect. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed Delia’s number.

“Dude!” She answered. “Where in the world have you been?! I called you like fifty million times! Tell me your not sleeping.” I stayed quiet, it was better then lying. I was a bad liar. “Dude!” She screamed again. “That’s it, I’m coming over. It’s Friday you do realize that right? We’re going to a party. I’ll be there in 5.” Click. Delia was my best friend, and I loved the fact that I could never even get one word in. I wasn’t a girl of much words anyways.

I figured I’d pick something out while I waited for her to get here. I walked into my closet and stared at the clothes. I wasn’t one to dwell and I knew exactly what to wear. She said party so I grabbed a pair of jeans, and one of those oversized, off-the-sleeve T-shirts. Perfect.

After I was finished changing I sat down in front of the bathroom mirror to fix my hair. It was red and really straight, I also had it in a short bob with bangs. It looked fine so I just accessorized with a cute matching beanie. Then I noticed it. Around my neck was something that wasn’t there before. On a long intricate silver chain, hung a beautiful Victorian bottle. It was long, cylindrical and clear, towards the top the bottle was plated with a silver pattern, two snakes twirling to meet face to face with a cork in between. In the middle was a diamond flower. It was the bottle in my dream.

I couldn’t tear it off my neck fast enough. I threw it into the trash and heard the doorbell. I ran to let Delia in. She was also dressed already but she had her make-up box in hand.

“Perfect timing. I was going stir crazy.” She followed me back to my room and but the box down on the sink. Delia was slim like me but she was shorter. Her hair was straight and cut like mine but she was blond instead. She was also dressed nicer. She was wearing a high-wasted, studded mini skirt with a large t-shirt overflowing.

“Get over here and sit your butt down so I can do your make-up and we can go party!” I rolled my eyes and obeyed. “Holy fudge dude, I love your necklace! How’d you get a hold of that, it probably cost a s*** load!” I looked down at the vile in her hand and my eyes bulged. I went to take it off my neck but Delia stopped my hand. “Don’t take it off, it’s totally hot. I don’t know how but it makes you look really good.”

“Thanks. Just keep the make-up going.”

After about a half hour she was done with my make-up. She worked in Mac so I trusted her, and the outcome was perfect. I was still super freaked about the necklace though. I grabbed my purse, locked the door and slid into Delia’s car. Minutes later we where on the road.

“So what party are we going to anyways, or do I even want to know?” I gave her a quizzical look, and she glanced at me.

“You’ll see babe, just trust me. You’ll be happy.” She grinned and I was suddenly scared.

I had every reason to be. About ten minutes later we pulled up in front of a giant house.

“Brittany’s house.” I stared at Delia, my mouth open.

“Hey don’t give me that look. A party’s a party, and you know I cant resist a party.” I continued to glare until she broke out laughing. “I’m kidding it’s Mikes house. I knew you’d be happy.” She punched me and got out of the car. Okay, I had to admit that actually made things better. I got out of the car and was immediately greeted by loud music. Oh yah it was a party all right. I glanced at Delia and she was absolutely giddy.

“Let’s go have some fun.”

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