Bare Skin

October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Bare skin on bare skin. I could feel the softness of her on me. I wanted to touch more of her to be with her. I wanted to feel her lips on mine and taste her. I wanted her so bad that I would do anything to be with her, to have her as my own. I dreamt of her every night, dreaming that she was with me and that I touched her soft velvet skin.

My hands ran through her silky smooth hair and I heard her whisper into my ear. I wanted to get lost in her embrace and look into her deep brown eyes to see the me that she loved and that she saw. I wanted her to touch me, hold me, and to love me.

But she couldn’t anymore, when our love had began with a single glance, we knew the true love that was there; we saw it and we fell into each others arms. Of course, the odds were piled high against us, but we lived and loved as if there was no tomorrow. As if, there was only here and now, together forever in each others arms.

I look back and laugh a sardonic laugh. Oh how I should have known that such love cannot go on. Such love cannot exist as this and not go without payment of sorts. I should have known, should have learned the lesson that so many before have learned.

There is always a price and the price is high. A life for a love. But not any love, a love that is true and that can quench the thirst of a man who never knew he had such a thirst.

I look back now and laugh a lifeless laugh. She was taken away and I am left to wonder this world alone without her. I feel my heart beat faster and faster. I know what I must do. She was the payment of such a love that quenched my thirst. A thirst I never knew that I had.

I must give my life to be with her again, so that our love may live on as a lesson to others of what must be done. I hold the knife in my hand, the blade warm as if inviting me with it’s beauty. The jewels glimmer in the light of the candles in the tomb. I come to her sepulcher to be with her.

She looks the same as she did before, her face peaceful as if in sleep. But I know better. She is gone, her face gone of the life and color it once held for me. Gone of my love, her soul waiting for me to come to her side.

I cut deep into my arms the blood…my blood flows hot and red onto the floor. I watch as it slowly drains the life from me and it slowly takes my soul to her. I feel no pain, only the pain that I have held within myself since color had left my love’s cheeks.

I look back now and laugh a laugh full of joy. Joy for all the times that she kissed my lips and her face flushed with color, joy for the times that she held my hand and joy for all the times that she smiled her beautiful smile that lit up a dark room.

I begin to feel numb, nothing hurts, all I feel is the love I have for her as I sit by her watching her peaceful in death. I sit watching her as my soul reunites with hers. I feel a death pulling on my eyes to close them forever and my body turns heavy as death tries to pull me into his arms.

A light, not blinding, but a light, comes to me. I see her face. So beautiful as it was before she died, I see her smile and hear her melodic laugh. Her soul calls to mine and I feel the blood drain from my body, I am hanging on still, my soul wanting to escape from the prison of my body, but I am alive, hanging from less than a thread.

She calls to me, and when I look to see her she is standing by me holding my hand. Before my senses stop for the last and final time, the last thing I hear is her voice humming to me, the last thing I see is her beautiful angelic smile, and the last thing that I feel is bare skin on bare skin.

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