First Kiss 2

October 2, 2009
By , Boston, MA
It was summer and it was hot. I sat on the top step of his porch with a cold bottle between my legs. The cold felt good. I raised the bottle to my lips and the liquid bubbled as it slid easily down my throat, extending throughout my body and causing butterflies to take flight within my chest. I felt good. Really good. I leaned my head back on the banister and closed my eyes, but even so I can still see images dancing in my mind’s eye. They spin like the colors of a calidiscoop. I take a long breath in.
“How you feeling?” he says.
“Good” I say. My eyes are still closed and I am still watching the dancing pictures in my head.
“Good” he says, “good”
The silence stretches on unbroken. It may have been awkward but I don’t care. I don’t have the energy to care. And then
“Look at me” he says. So I do. I look at him.
He is smiling. I can’t help but to smile too. And laugh. He makes me laugh.
“What”I say.
“Nothing. I just never knew you could loosen up like this” he said
“Well now you know”
“Yeah I guess I do. And I know something else too.” As he spoke he move over closer to me and leaned in so his face was about a foot away from mine.
“And what exactly would that be?” I said and I too leaned closer to him.
“That you’re beautiful when you let go and loosen up. Not that you aren’t always. But your different now.”
“Different?” I echoed his words. It was as if I was hearing but absorbing what at he was saying. I laughed.
“What?” now it was his turn to be confused
He looked at me. I looked away. And then with no prior warning his lips were on mine. I caught my breath and sat motionless until he pulled away. He stilled looked at me, searching my face. I still looked away.
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah, aim ok”

Then i got up and walked away.

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