Same old G.G.

September 25, 2009
By Anonymous

You know that feeling of complete helplessness? Well, that was intensified by 5 times when I experienced it. My ex-boyfriend, towering above me, had clasped my wrists together into his fist, held high above him, so I could look him in the eye. Sam just grinned, as I cursed at him and tried to kick him. What a moron. Who knew that I would be the one kicking and screaming when he came back from Tampa to stake a claim on me and I had said no? Unruly, uncivilized, daredevil, they’re all words that describe me, but they’re also his middle name. Sam’s other middle name is jackass. But we were both determined to get what we wanted, even if we had to cross, well, about a million boundaries.

Another five minute list of curses fled out of my mouth, meaning to make his eyes go wide in horror and crush his determination. Words are just words. It only made his smile stretch wider across his cheeks each time one of the most unmentionable of words slipped out. “Now, that’s pretty naughty, Gabby. Bad girl … and you’re all mine!” He was so impossible! He was clearly teasing me, but I saw the meaning behind his words that he’d meant me to hear. So, I kicked him, as hard as I could, right below the waist, but above the knees. “Pervert,” I growled as he still stood, unflinching, with his flawless lips curved a bit more upward than before, if that was possible. “You’re just as aggravating as you were six months ago, except sicker!” I formed my naturally red lips into a sneer. “I think you’ve watched too much Larry the Cable Guy. Now, get your over-sized butt and sick sense of humor out of my house!” I narrowed my eyes into slits and glared at him with a hostile expression. With his free hand, he knocked my feet out from under me. I took advantage of this opportunity by going limp in his arms, snuggling my head into his chest, and pretended to give up. “What’s wrong?” He asked anxiously. “Am I not good enough to fight?” “Well, umm,” I tried to sound sheepish. “ I wasn’t thinking so much of fighting as … kissing.” “Well, let’s get on with it then!” Sam rumbled with laughter as his head disappeared and I felt his lips caressing my neck as he murmured, “ I knew you would give in.” This was my chance.

I jabbed his jaw, only to have my elbow fall back, searing with pain. “Damn it!” I gasped as his lips suddenly covered mine. “What?” He asked in a teasing tone. “Well, let me finish, and then tell me you’re not enjoying this.” “No,” I mumbled against his lips. “I like to get things out of the way early, I’m not enjoying this. This is your last chance to leave, take the opportunity before I call the cops about your trespassing issues.” He paused, his lips going still, in a charade of thinking about it. “Naw, I’d rather take this opportunity to do something else, G.G.” I growled as his lips started moving against mine again. G.G. was the nickname he had given me when we had been dating. “Jackass.” I said out loud this time and he started shaking with laughter. “Same old G.G.” He smiled mockingly.

His lips smoldered my thoughts and I gave into temptation, no longer complaining. I was the only thing still in his arms as his lips crushed mine in urgency and he dropped the hand holding my arms to set me back on my feet and then shaped his fingers around my waist and pulled me closer. There was no space between us as I waited, patiently for him to conclude his attempt in persuasion. “ All done?” I asked expectantly. “Just getting started,” he said. “Which is more than I can say for you. Would you give me a little action?” Sam pleaded. “No,” I said, wearing a wolfish grin. “You’re going to leave and I’m not going to call the cops.” He frowned and replied, “You, know … that bed looks pretty inviting.” His frown washed away into a sly smile. “No, my house, my way.” I retorted, pointing toward the door.

“Fine,” He said, jutting his lower lip into a pout. “Forget the bed, but I’m not leaving.” “I warned you,” I laughed, picking up the phone. “Now, you don’t have a choice but to leave empty handed or escorted by the police.” “ You won’t call.” Sam smiled, as if this were all a game and he knew every move I would make. “Give me one reason why you shouldn’t!” I yelled, glaring at him. “Because you wuv me.” He replied, a dopey smile crossing his face. “No I dwon’t.” I said in a babyish voice. “Now, get out of my house.” He pounced on me, the phone falling back into the receiver with a clomp, and silenced me with his lips. He pinned my arms and legs down, not once pausing his kiss. Just because I couldn’t talk doesn’t mean I didn’t try to. I stopped trying to form my lips into words when I felt his tongue pressed against them, threatening to intrude into my mouth if it had a chance. Perve, what sick mind had placed him in my life?

The author's comments:
Inspired byy Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

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