1st day of highschool

September 5, 2009
By Anonymous

I woke up that morning, excited and ready to go. I have to admit I was a bit nervous but not the reason why most girls usually are. I wasnt nervous about making sure i was in the incrowd and that i look amazing the first day. I was nervous because it is the start of the best 4 years of my life, and im not sure im ready for that. I looked through my closet many times and finally figured out what i was going to wear. I ran down stairs ready to go. When i heard a strange noise. It was a muffling noise. My mom was crying.
I tried to be sincere and asked her what was upsetting her. She just told me to follow. We went outside by the oversized bush. The flowers on the bush are delightful there petals show you warmth and i feel easily distracted. My new highschool wasnt that far from my house. My mom came to a stop and that was my cue to get out. I saw a wet streak from her eye and kissed her lightly on the cheeck telling her i love her. I know this is a hard time for her.I mean we have been threw everything together. Since the day my biological father went crazy there was a special, strong, bond between us. I walked into school and pulled out my schedule. Spanish 1 was my first period. I tried to locate the room but it was quite hard to find. However a few minutes later u found it and right when i opened the door everyone was seated. One kid stood out to me more then the others. It felt like we were the only two people in the room. I was dumfounded by his beauty. I was mentally paralyzed. Not able to think right. Untill my teacher told me to take my seat. I chose to sit directly behind the beautiful boy. Actually I didnt choose i was like a gravitatial force pulled me directly to him. This was weird. Really weird!The teacher began talking about usless stuff that nobody listens to. Like how we want to help you and get you prepared for college. All of those same lies that have been told for years. However that wasnt the reason why i was paying attention. I was looking at him. He was completly gorgeous. Even if i was only looking at the back of his head and body. He had just little specks of a shady brown on his head. His skin was white with a tint of cream color to it. His arms were very muscular, but not to much where it comes to the point when you think he is on steroids. Half of me wanted to touch his arms, thank God I didnt though. When she was done lecturing. He turned around. His dark brown eyes touched my soul so hard that i got a certain pain in my chest. He introuduced himself. I just didnt know what to say. He repeated his introduction. The the light bulb in my head finally flickered and I responded, studerring the whole way. He smiled. A crooked kind of smile that you would think only movie stars would do. He might not be a movie star but he sure shined bright like one. The rest of the day was torure. The attractive boy wasnt in any of my other classess. I couldnt wait to get home. THe loud ear pirecing bell rang and i dashed out to the parking lot. My mom was the first one in the line. I jumped in the car and she announced, "So how was your first day of school." I smiled and said well i think the second will be much better.

The author's comments:
This short story is just 1 of a series. Soon there will be the second book of the saga.

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