Kill Me Now or Kill Me Later, Either Way You&#39ll Be The One to Kill Me.

September 1, 2009
By Anonymous

I silently took her by the hand and led her to the back of my room. I'm not sure if she wanted this nor was she ready, but her eyes as much as her hands sure were asking. We moved across the floor and into the darkness of my room. I turned on some closet light and closed the bedroom door, I pushed the only chair in the room against the door. It holds. She knows what were doing now. She wants me. Considering i still don't have a roommate here at Coldwater, this will be quite easy; as long as we stay quiet. I pull her closer to me and she brings her lips to mine. I want her so badly, the sweet smell of her air clashes with mine and it's harmony. I pull her over to my bed, not taking my lips from her except for small breaths to remind me that this isn't a dream of mine. If we get caught here, were dead, they already think were crazy. She lays down, and i'm right there with her. She pulls away for two seconds to give me a slight smile. An innocent smile. Callie pulls my shirt over my head. I don't want to be impolite so i toy with her for a moment before her shirt is on the floor with mine. She whispers to me,
"Blake, i love you." And i look at her. Confused. I'm gay, i think to myself. This is her night, it's wrong....

The author's comments:
This is a slight scene from a "manuscript" that we are writing for kicks and giggles. It takes place at Coldwater Creek, a rehabititation center for teens. The characters are Blake and Callie, two completely diverse characters that we each created from our own spaz-tastic minds. It's a work in progress and most say that "teenagers can't publish anything" but were here to say that we can and will. Blake and Callie find themselves challenging the lives of others and the relationships between humans. We believe it would be great to be publihsed because it shows many different things in life that were sure all teenagers are sure to compare their lives with, and yes adults too. We hope that sometime, even in our highschool lives that this will happen for us.

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