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Best Dream Ever

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The mirror was one sided, the same as all the relationships with the boys behind it. I walked across the desolate street and stood, in awe, before the glass. The foggy air was condensed on its lustrous surface, and I wiped it off with my dry sleeve.

On the opposite side of the fragile wall stood Jake and Gaven; two people that weren’t anywhere near my league. I watched as they took instructions from their weight instructors. I was appreciative for their ignorance of my presence; it would be immensely awkward on any other circumstances.

As a few moments past, three more boys walked in that looked very familiar to me. Two of them are the guys that I had crushes on in the fifth grade; the other looked familiar but I can’t match his face. I stare, as the five guys do some-sort of dance that starts off pretty strange. I take my phone out of my back pocket to check the time, and it is already 5:20; I should be home by now. I say to myself just ten more minutes.

I sneeze once then twice and on the third sneeze my head flies toward the one way mirror, and makes a loud “Thump!” I touch my head in pain, and feel a welt appearing right in the middle of my forehead. I hope to myself that the boys did not hear the noise I made. Then I hear the jingle of the door, and right before my eyes is Jake. The one person I did not want to see come out of that door. “Hayley what are you doing here?” Jake says. I say to him “Please please don’t tell Ryan (my older brother which happens to be Jakes best friend) that I was here.” Then I hear “Hayley, Hayley wake up, it’s already 7:00 you need to get up for school.” I open my tired eyes to see Ryan standing right above me.

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