the ghost of joey ramone

November 30, 2009
in the cafe in new york city jessie sits there with all of the ramones songs in her pink iphone with a picture of her boyfriend david as the door opens a man with a leather jacket blue jeans and all stars as he walks to a table where jessie was as the man sits and looks at the picture of her boyfriend on her iphone it was the ghost of joey ramone. joey started to talk to her as he try to calm her down as joey saw a frozen in jessie's arms he takes off his leather jacket. jessie said " joey i know you can see me but why are you in the human world joey said " because it is so sad to see all the souls to be frozen but i did see you with your boyfriend on my street last night". as jessie trys to think about what did joey ramone was saying about david and his street she knows what was joey was saying about. joey ramone was laughing at the way that jessie was singing to baby i love you as he was reading the newspaper he saw jessie going to joey ramone place to see the side of joey ramone street. walking down to times square jessie was wearing the leather jackett of joey ramone she feels like joey saw the different side of joey ramone the passion of joey ramone as she was listening to the ramones she saw her boyfriend david on the middle of times square as joey ramone was right he want jessie to fellow her heart that is wrap in a leather jacket. joey said " see i told you jessie i know that you would listen to me". as the laughter of joey ramone was getting louder he saw david and jessie to kiss in the middle of times square.

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