Just Like Hers...

December 15, 2009
Twin never knew it would end like this. The tears spilled down his cheeks, almost drowning him. He yelled. He yelled and cried but the hole in his heart only got deeper. Darker. She was gone. Forever. Her body was to lie in a casket for the rest of eternity. Without him. Her body would rot 6 feet under ground. Her flesh would get eaten away by maggots. And he couldn’t protect her. He couldn’t hold her and keep her from the pain.

Ivy. That was her name. From the moment they met he knew she was for him. It was almost love at first sight. And when he got to know her he asked her out. She surprisingly said yes too. The night when they first kissed, he didn’t sparks. He felt a freaking riot! He knew he was in love. And he was pretty sure she did too. He felt her smile and he was hooked. And he was never going to let go. But she did.

Twin sat on his bed. He remembered the accident. The accident that took away his beautiful Ivy. The same Ivy that had poisoned him with her love. His poison Ivy. Was gone. She was his own personal brand of heroine. His perfect drug. But she was gone. Dead and gone and cold. She had never really been a cold person. She was warm and happy and loved. She was still loved now. Even if she did hang herself.

Why did she do it? Why? Why would she leave twin all alone in a world that was made for both of them? She had so much to live for. She always cried. She wanted someone to listen but none did. Not even twin. He didn’t know! She never told him! She never wanted Twins help. She didn’t want to burden him. If I die he could do so much better, she thought. He doesn’t really love me. No one does. No one. She didn’t know that Twin needed her a lot more than she needed him. Who was he going to count on without her? He lost his best friend, lover, life and happiness when she killed herself.

Twin cried too. Because he lost his everything. He lied on her bed. The same bed she lied in the night she died. He yelled her name in her pillow. He stared at the spot they found her body hanging. Pale and beautiful, he remembered. He remembered running to her and pulling her down. The rope snapped and she fell straight into his arms. He yelled her name. Asked her, no begged her to wake up. To not leave him. But she left him and never woke up.

Twin walked to the closet. Her shoes and clothes were still in there. He touched them. His hands were stained with his blood. His cuts were deep. He couldn’t stop crying. He fell to the grown and shrunk himself in to a ball. He could feel her all around him but she wasn’t there. She wasn’t his anymore. She was dead. She belonged to the ground now.

“Ivy,” he cried, “Ivy, Ivy goddamed Ivy!” he yelled. He didn’t know what he was doing. he wasn’t sure how the knife got in his hand. But he stabbed. He stabbed himself all over. He was bleeding out all he never knew was real. And then he fell on the floor and bleed slowly to death. A peaceful way to die you could say. When Ivy’s parents found him in her room, they he was dead. Pale, his lips were blue. Just like Ivy’s.

The end. =]]

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