Seasons Change (part 1)

December 15, 2009
By MLE1001 BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona
MLE1001 BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona
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Just as the door closed behind me I heard the all to familiar jiggle that came from my bag. Digging through it angrily I finally rapped my almost numb fingers around my phone

“Hello?” i said hesitantly, all I could hear on the other end was uncontrollable sobs paused only every few seconds when the person on the other end ran out of breath. I suddenly knew it would be a very long walk to Abigail’s house.

As i walked in and hug up my coat i let out a small sigh of relief, happy to be in side after a very cold walk with a very depressing conversation with Abigail, which was in fact my reason for rushing over right after my shift at work. Her boyfriend of 7 months just broke it off, using of course a status update on his favorite website ‘ but in the most classy way’ she had said almost as if to defend him. i walk toward her room in a carful manner “ Abby?”

“ I’m in here Veronica” She said followed by the sound of tissues being ever so horrible used.

“ You doing any better since we talked?” I said as i peeked my head in the room to see if she looked worse than she sounded, she still looked like she could win a beauty contest as always. She shook her head and her long straight shinny black hair fell in front of her face “ It’s gonna be okay honey, this isn’t your first brake up”

“ But we where together for like EVER, he said nothing would tear us apart”

“ It was ever, it was 7 months and like 3 of those months was like a constant make out you guys didn’t even talk” I said as i brushed her hair out of her face so i could at least see her big brown eyes.

“ Colby use to do that” she said bursting in to tears. Maybe if i don’t let her drink any fluids her eyes will just try up and she’ll stop crying. I better not risk it.

“ Want me to make you some mac and cheese? Will that help you feel better?” She lifted her head as she wiped away what looked like the last tear and smiled. Abigail had one of those smiles that causes car crashes, which is funny cause she’s kinda oblivious to it. She’s the kind of girl that is ever guys type. I’ve never met a guy who didn’t like her not to say that she was the kind of girl who liked ever guy. “Wanna come with me to make it?” I asked hinting at the fact that i didn’t want to leave her alone to drown her mattress in her own tears.

“ So thats what he said. i was too much trouble” she said ending her 15 minute long explanation of the last 2 weeks of their relationship as she leaned up against the counter as i finished making our food “ Do you think i was to much trouble?”

“ If anything you weren’t enough trouble! you let him get away with whatever he wanted as long as he held you hand at public event”

“I didnt let him get away with everything”

“ Abby he was hitting on me the whole time at your party last month, WHILE HE WAS HOLDING YOU HAND!”

“Okay so he was a horrible boyfriend. Whatever, so what do i do now?”

“You know i don’t know this. This is why I’ve turned down every guy since 7th grade. They only want one thing.”

“ You went out with a guy in seventh grade? Why do i not remember this?”

“ It was Jimmy what’s-his-face, remember? He stole my lunch money. I guess that was the one thing guys wanted in 7th grade, i don’t know he was weird.” She started to laugh. i knew that was a good sign. “ Okay so why don’t we work on planning your big halloween party. That should take your mind off Colby. Lets make the invites”

After a good hour of hand making invites we were almost done.
“ So you make Judes invite and I’ll make Justins, justin is so cute” Abigail nearly screamed. i could tell she was quickly getting over the break up.

“ Who in the world is Jude? He doesn’t go to our school does he? Wait is he that weird kid who it’s in the corner and talks to him self? why are you inviting him? He tried to sell me his fingernails once!”

“ Ew, you didn’t buy them did you? But no, Jude Elmer he lived down the street from us along time ago. he just moved back a few months ago.”

“ Was he that kid i always gave wedgies to when i was little?”

“ HA! I had forgotten about that! i should really fix you guys up you’d be cute together. I think he’s a little taller than you.” Abigail is always trying to set me up with tall guys, i just so happen to be about 5’9. It’s kinda a wonder me and Abby are friends, we’re different in every way. I’m tall, she’s short. I’m curvy, she’s stick thin. I don’t care about my hair or my clothes, at her most unfashionable she’s seen wearing juicy couture sweat pants. We’ve been friends since before all that though.

“Abby as i said i do not and will not date until after college. Guys are stupid, disrespectful and only want a girl for her body.

“V, there is gonna be a guy out there who truly cares about you for who you are, and for all you know it could be him.”

“ So even though i haven’t talked to him in like over eight years your telling me I’m gonna fall in love with this guy?”

“ I'm just saying maybe.”

The author's comments:
just a fun piece of a story I have been working on. i hope people enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it

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