FairyLand Field

December 14, 2009
By gemini0696 SILVER, Bpt, Connecticut
gemini0696 SILVER, Bpt, Connecticut
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I sat in the grass holding a little daisy in my hand twisting and twirling it. I don't know why but I always put my name on everything and examined a certain petal of the flower. I took out the blue pen in my back pocket and wrote my name on it Amelia. I was in the field next to my home this was my personal getaway from anything and everything at times. If you couldn't find me, the first place someone would tell you to look would be in the field. My dark chestnut brown that fell over my shoulders, which had a mind of its own some days it would be curly, wavy, or laser straight. It depended on my mood. My eyes were deep forest green that if you looked deep enough into you could tell what I was feeling. But I would never let anyone see that deeply into my eyes, there might only be one exception. It was my neighbor, Blake. I admired him for his strength, his looks, and of course his brains. He was really educated and intelligence filled the room when he came into it. I couldn't say I loved him because love is too risky of a word to say. But I had a passion and admired him. I slowly reclined onto my back so I was lying on the comforting grass then I heard the sound of feet and abruptly arouse to find Blake running towards me. Then he sat down beside me. I was confused why was he so eager to see me; I was never this special to him before. He came down with a crash and slammed next to my legs. He had curly brown hair, and ocean blue eyes that glistened elegantly in the sunlight. He was only two inches taller than my height, and he stood at 5'7 and his face was an oval shape, mine a circular oval with a rosy glare and high cheekbones. His eyes met mine and I immediately looked down at the daisy still in my hand.

"Mia hey! Oh sorry, I mean Amelia. Hey, what are you doing out here?" he was a gentleman and made sure not to cross any lines and never called me by my nickname.

"Hey Blake, I don't know, I guess I just come out here to think." I responded. It was the total truth, but I wasn't going to tell him what I was thinking of.

"Where have you been I haven't seen you in awhile?" Blake was right we hadn't seen each other in awhile it has been at least six days from our last hang out, but hey who’s counting?

"I've been here, well out here mostly but I have been around."

"I heard you were hanging out with that Sam kid," Sam was someone I couldn't lie I was hanging out with but only because there wasn't any one else to hang out with lately. Sam was a tough kid and you always had to watch your back when around him but I was careful and he wasn't as bad as they make him seem.

"Well yeah, why?" I didn't understand why he was so concerned its not like he could tell me not to be friends with him.

"Oh no, reason just asking." You could tell he had something to say but didn't know how to say it. "Its just that we heard that some stuff was stolen from the corner store and"

"And you wanted to see if I would snitch or something? Is that the only reason you came over here? Well if it is then you can go right back to your little perfect life, okay?" That made me fume; my blood was boiling with frustration and defeat. Defeat that I could like someone that only wanted to use me, only for him to report back and be the hero. I was almost about to tear but I heard his voice speak again.

"No, I came over here just to talk with you and that was the only way I knew how to start conversation. Sorry if you thought differently." Why had I gotten so defensive for nothing?

"I should be the one apologizing I shouldn't have acted like that."

"Its okay, but anyways I actually wanted to talk to you about something." At that moment I lifted my head up slowly to look him directly in the eyes and Blake looked deep into mine eyes. Then he leaned and so did I, I couldn't stop myself, right when we were about to kiss, I heard someone calling me. I shook and rapidly rose up, had just awakened from a dream? I was disappointed for two reasons one that I had actually dreamed of him, it made me think I was desperate to dream of a boy and secondly the dream, wasn't real. As I arose off the ground the daisy still in my left hand with Amelia printed across the petal, I started running. I wanted to get out of this foolish fairyland field. I was so determined to escape that field I wasn't paying attention until I collided full speed into Blake. 'Right on cue' I said sarcastically in my head. Then managed out an, 'ouch' while on the ground. He offered a hand but I had to deny, I forced out a sorry then began running again. I hurt too much that my dream wasn’t reality and I couldn’t accept his gesture. I hadn't noticed until I reached my house that I dropped my daisy. Then, I remembered Blake picking something up from the ground and trying to hand it to me until I bolted in the opposite direction. My daisy was with Blake.

The author's comments:
This story is juts something I decided to write, I was just in a mood to write something and I was inspired to write this story. Enjoy! :]

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