Art Class Assignment

December 14, 2009
By johnyczubek BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
johnyczubek BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I look over down the hall and I see him, Adam, walking down the hall, I can hear the chorus singing. He looks so good, perfect eyes, perfect face, perfect body, perfect everything, oh how I wish I had the guts to ask him out. Whenever I look in his eyes, I feel like I am flying and I get all nervous and I get butterflies in my belly. I try to make it look like I am not staring at him, I am though, furtively. I try to focus on my locker, there is a picture of a rainbow flag, and a mirror, I look at myself to make sure that I look good, not in a self absorbed way though. I grab my notebooks and close my locker door and I walk over to Adam. "Hi Adam, how are you?", I say very very nervously. "Hey James, whats up?", Adam says. His voice is so soothing. "Oh, I'm doing really good, I had some almond milk so I'm actually extra good". "That's good, are you turning in a sketch today for art class?, I am, I drew a horse, not so sure I did a good job though, there is a lot of value", Adam says shyly. Adam reaches into his locker and takes out his sketchbook and flips tto the page with the sketch of the horse on it. "It's really good, I wish I could draw like that". "Aww, your sweet, I hope I get a good grade on it, whatever", Adam says. "Yeah whatever, atleast your passing it in, I didn't draw a sketch, I honestly completely forgot, even though I love art.", I say, trying to sound cool. Adam closes his locker door and we both walk to first period, art. Adam sits 2 desks away from me, we exchange flirty glances with each other, maybe it's a sign, I hope. The art teacher, Ms. Radfin, tells the class to draw a picture of an onbject or thing or person that means a lot to ourselves. I draw a picture of my cat, chester, that died last year. I dont even need a pictue, I've had chester for so long, until last year. The picture is in black and white, perfect. It takes me most of the class to draw Chester, I put a lot of effort into it, I even get a little sad thinking about Chester, I miss him so much, he liked me regardless of the way I was, even if I was dead silent. When I finish, I bring it up to Ms. Radfin and she takes it. "Very good James , very very good." I'm feeling sentimental, I sigh. "Thanks Ms. Radfin, it was, - is my cat Chester , he died last year, he meant a lot to me", I say. I walk away and as I'm walking back to my desk, I sneek a peek over at what Adam is drawing, it's me.

The author's comments:
this is s very short love story that involves 2 boys :) from my story I'm writing, I thought it would be a nice little short story.

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