Let Their Souls Live On

December 12, 2009
It was a cold rainy night as June looked out the hospital window. She sat on the bench next to the solid glass and held her long legs to her chest. She laid her head on her knees, as a soft tear fell from her left eye. Her nurse knocked quietly on the dark wood door. She walked in and directed June back to her bed. She fluffed her pillow and pulled the blue hospital blanket over her clammy body. The nurse gently touched the teenagers face and Said. “One day you will be out there again, playing in the rain. The tumor is almost gone.” She left the room with only the sound of pitter patter on the roof and the beeping of the heart monitor. The next morning the rain had cleared up, June awoke to a horrible crying noise she turned her head to the right and saw shadows on the curtain next to her, there was at least five or six different shadows.
Silence, the crying had finally stopped and all she could here was the other heart monitor out of sync with hers. She slowly falls back asleep. Something had touched the blue woven blanket that lay on top of her she looks up to see a boy passing by her bed he looked like he was her age. He approached the window dragging the I.V machine behind him. June sits up an her bed and calls to the boy. “Hey, what’s your name?” There was no answer. She got out of bed and walked towards him, their silver machines met at the window as she sat on the bench next to him. He had bright green eyes that looked filled with anger and he was bald. He kept his head down. We sat there for at least an hour before he looked up at me and our eyes met.
“My name is Damien and I am fourteen.” He looked at me for a minuet. I replied almost in a whisper. “My name is June and I am thirteen I have a tumor in my stomach.” He grabbed my hand and said that we could get through this together. We acted like we knew each other forever. We walked around the hospital all the time, traded our hospital food with each other and watched movies together. Its been a month since that day he is able to go home today. The doctor said at least another month for me. Damien visited me everyday until my release.
I had a week until it was time to go home, but then I woke up in the middle of the night short of breath. They rushed me to this bright room and all I could hear was that the tumor moved up enough to block my lungs. Damien ran in and said that he loved me as my eyes slowly closed taking my last breaths feeling the pain of the electric shocks sent through my body.
“I fell to the floor and cried.” Whimpers Damien “She was my everything why couldn’t it have been me?” Its been about five months since June died. Damien sees a councilor twice a week and she is all he talks about. Damien receives news that his tumor is back and there was one now on his arm and in his head. Damien shortly died after receiving the news. It’s still said that their souls will be together again.

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adorabiblegirl said...
Jan. 4, 2010 at 6:47 pm
thats sad why did they have to die?
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