December 6, 2009
His eyes glisten in the pale light as I see the pain strike them. His phone is in his lap, the text message opened. I lean over, and read the message. "I'm sorry," it says. "I'm not sure yet. But I'm still mad at you." I can his tears, though he tries desperately to hide them.
"Eddie," I whisper, trying to put my arm around him, to offer him comfort.
"Don't touch me!" he shouts, smacking my hand away. He gets up, trying to look strong. "I need to be alone." He walks away, into the darkness, away from me.
I bite back the tears, understanding that this is not his fault. He's hurt. Ryan, another guy at the party, walks up to me, apparently having witnessed the scene. "Are you okay?" he asks, concerned.
I blink back the tears, and smile, nodding. "Yeah. I'm used to it already." He always does this to me, yet I am a fool.
In love, someone always loses. It doesn't matter why. I love him, but he just sees me as his friend, not even a close one. He loves her, but she's not sure if she loves him. I also know her best friend Mark loves her, yet it's not like that for her.
After thanking Ryan and saying farewell, I take Eddie home in silence. After leaving him, I pull out my cell phone.
"Hey," I write, pressing send.
My phone rings almost instantly. "Hey," he writes back. "What's up?"
"I give up."
"Why? =("
I smile at his text. "Because, Mark, I've already lost." I shut my cell phone, and put it on silence, throwing it into the back seat. Then I put the car in Drive, and drive away from Eddie's house, not looking back, into the darkness.

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weirdonpurpose said...
Jan. 8, 2010 at 11:43 pm
wow. this is so like my situation right now, its kinda scary.
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