Ch.2 Canyon Fire (last part)

December 5, 2009
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N-" Ok fine we did it. Now let me cool down those lips of yours." She giggled as she leaned up to my face again and kissed me, a kiss that slowly turned my fired to ice, I could never get used to the power between us. It was too perfect to be real.
R-"Wow." I panted as we unlocked our lips and gazed into each others eyes.
N-"Hot enough for you?" Nena said as that rosy red colored her cheeks quickly.
R-"Um..yeah.........Oh so anyways at least were almost out of the canyon." I quickly changed the subject as I could tell things were going to get out of hand fast, and we didn’t have time for something like that right now.
N-"Yeah can you walk?" The worried look in her eye again as she remembered my horrible wound.
R-"Here let me try?" I began to wobble but trying to walk like a normal man, my knees buckle under me as the feeling of fire shoots up my leg.
N-"Here lean on me." She offered me willingly. She always hated seeing me in pain and to be honest I hated this just as much as she did. I threw my arm around her neck and leaned on her and we began to walk slowly out of the canyon, the sun slowly fading behind the wall.
N-"Well i'm glad were finally out of Agni canyon." She said with a sigh of relief
R-"Wait wait, Agni canyon? Where did you get that? Was there a sign or something i missed when we walked in?" I looked at her with confusion on my face searching her’s for an answer, but sadly coming up empty.
N-"No silly that’s just what i named it." She laughed at me, but that was normal so I joined in.
R-"Aw ha and who said you get to be the one to name this canyon which i found by the way." I turned away from her face and glanced back behind us, to get one last look at Agni Canyon. I must admit that is a pretty clever name for it, but I would never give her the satisfaction without giving her a hard time first.
N-"I don’t have to ask anyone Redwan because you’ll agree with the reason why I named it." She hinted to me to ask her why she named it Agni, but I wouldn’t do that until I was done getting a few more jabs in, it was what I did.
R-"Mmm hmm i see and im supposed to just go along with what you've named it?" I mocked her "‘Agni Canyon! Redwan.’" we both laughed at my impersonation of her, but it didn’t come close to what she sounded like, nothing ever would. She was what beauty was meant to be.
N-"It means fire canyon." She smiled at me when she figured out she was just going to have to tell me.
R-"Fitting. Well I guess we can call it that." I reassured her. I guess it was fitting though, I was the one who miraculously had fire erupt from my mouth only to save us once again. Finally making it to a spot we could camp out for the night, we sat down and she wiggled herself into my embrace and locked body up against me. We watched the sun go down and no one said anything until the sky grew dark as ash and the stars began twinkling like beacons for us, letting us know that we were safe now.
R-"Well i guess we can call that another good day ha?" I said with a smile in my voice.
N-"You know, why do i get the feeling that you didn’t really need my help walking." Nena turned my head with her delicate little hands and kissed my nose softly.
R-"Now why would you get that idea." I caught her small hands in mine and we sat there talking about everything that happened today. Our thoughts, feelings, fears, until we both drifted off to sleep glad to feel the warmth of the others body next to ours.

(Sorry it took so many parts. The site wouldnt let me put that many words. More chapters upon request)

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AwesomeAley said...
Feb. 2, 2011 at 9:05 pm
this is the request, more chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Radin14 replied...
Feb. 2, 2011 at 10:58 pm
Thank you so much i will definiteley start posting the rest :)
Radin14 replied...
Feb. 2, 2011 at 11:11 pm
Chapters 3 through 7 have been posted just waiting for teen ink to process them. Thanks for the support :)
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