Ch.2 Canyon Fire 2/2

December 5, 2009
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BK-"We figured we would catch you before you had the chance to try something tricky." He laughed a laugh that I only heard in my nightmares, a laugh I didn’t know was possible. His eyes burrowed into my soul as he readied himself for whatever I had up my sleeve, but it wasn’t that look I was worried about, it was that hungry look he gave Nena. It made me want to shield her, as if his looks were what I was trying to protect her from.
R-"Well i gotta say bravo." I clapped in a patronizing way " you really got me this time. Man and that one is really gonna leave a scar." I pointed to my leg and noticed the bleeding was not letting up.
BK-"Oh but Redwan I don’t think that’s what you’re going to be worried about when we leave here." The smile and the hunger in his eye intensifying.
R- "Right...I don’t see what you’re getting at. I mean I’m sure I can find some cream somewhere on our way home-" Getting in a few jabs before I was cut off by his impatience.
BK-"Oh shut up i mean your gonna be dead you idiot." He rolled his eyes and his face became angry, as if I was telling a joke he had been waiting to tell all day.
R-"Oh ok well i guess that makes sense i mean who worries about scars when their dead right." I was still joking with him, I liked seeing his reaction when he was trying to be serious and make things more dramatic, I would say for effect.
BK-"You imbecile just stop with your insolent babbling!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. I couldn’t take my eye’s off of his hand, as he was yelling, it moved closer and closer to his sword.
R-"Well there is no need to call names i mean come on can’t we be civilized?" It sounded childish but I wasn’t focusing on our conversation I was trying to figure out what to do to win this fight because right now I saw no way for us to win this thing. As I thought that I looked at Nena. The look on her face was a blow to the gut, it looked like she was losing what little faith she had left, tears staining her cheek. I wanted so bad to run over to her and hold her, never to let her go.
BK-"Oh i am going to enjoy killing you." The Knight laughed as he slowly took the sword out of it’s holster. The silver was the color of his dead empty eyes, glinting off the sun into my eyes, I had to squint. The air felt like it was being sucked out of me when it clicked. The reason for the numbers of men, the reason for the archer. We were going to do die here if I didn’t do something to stop them.
R-"Wait what happened to the whole king wants us alive thing?" I asked, the look of confusion obviously plastered on my face by the way the Knight looked between the both of us.
BK-"You have been deemed to dangerous to be left alive." He told us like we should have known, like we should have prepared for this.
R-"Well how rude i mean he's never even met me. That seems like kind of snappy judgement isnt it?" I ridiculed them a bit, but little did they know that I had a plan I was sure was going to stop them, I just really hoped it worked out completely in our favor.
N-" Do you really have to mess with them so much?" She whispered harshly to me.
R-"Oh come on they love my playful banter, dont you guys?" I smiled at them a faint chuckle breaking through.
BK-"Archers ready your arrows." The Knight barked orders and faced us a smile erupting on his face again.
R-"Apparently not. Oh come on can’t we at least talk about this?" I stretched my arms in front of me as I wobbled closer to the crowd before us. The pain was horrible, I could barely stand let alone walk, if that’s what you wanted to call the wobbling I was doing. I didn’t know what I was doing I started talking, moving, and negotiating before I realized it.
BP-"Arrows ready boss." The short, stocky soldier called the Knight as we waited for the final and deadly order from his commander.
R-"That seems to be a negative also. Ok just a second can i at least have one request before we die?" I asked gingerly and cautiously so they wouldn’t have the slightest idea that I had a plan, a plan that would save us both.
BK-"Hmm fine what is it?" The Knight said through gritted teeth not knowing if he should let me have this last request or to kill right there.
R-"I only ask that you allow me to kiss my queen one last time." I asked as I stepped closer to Nena and further from the Knight. I stretched out my arm to her and she took my hand eagerly.
BK-"Aww how sweet isnt it boys?" The Knight laughed a deep gut renching laugh like what he had just heard was the funniest thing he had ever heard and the soldiers follow in as an uproar of laughing came behind him.
N-"What are you doing?" Nena was surprised, willing, and confused and she embraced me, readying herself for the kiss
R-"You'll see." I reassured her. Looking into her eye’s I tried to tell her that I wasn’t giving up and to just go with it.
Leaning into me as i could hardly stand, we embraced each other with a long passionate kiss. My lips began tingling, wait no, they began burning. At first it was a dull burn, but as we held each other longer the burning became like fire. It wasn’t a burn I hated, I never hated the things Nena did to me, it actually liberated me in a way. When I knew I was ready to unleash this fire on the enemy I let go of Nena and fire erupted from my mouth. The last thing I saw on that Knights face was shock and fear as he realized he was the one who was to die right here today, not us. When I was finished, the enemy was in ruins. After looking at the destruction I left, I turned to the Black Tower man, who shook as I looked at him. Fear was in every corner and crevasse of his body.
R-"So you wanna talk?" I raised my eyebrow at him questioningly waiting patiently for his response.
BT-"Uh..uh.." He stuttered clearly still scared at what he just witnessed.
R-"Run along now." I motioned for him to leave and opened my mouth getting ready for the next inferno to escape my mouth, but to my dismay he was already gone and running away and never turned back. After he was out of my view I turned toward Nena.
N-"Well you did it again." She smiled at me with relief, confusion, fear, and sadness free from her wonderful olive skin.
R-"No we did it.' I reached out to her and she responded by nestling herself into my chest and I could feel her heart beat slowing to a normal rate as we sat there for awhile.

(To be continued)

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