The past and the present

December 4, 2009
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I entered a familiar room, a four white walled smoky room. There she Stood, leaning on my oak desk with a cigarette in hand. I stood there like a fool staring at her naked body. She had soft mocha skin and dark hair in between her legs. She had a smirk upon her face as if she knew how her beauty left me in awe. Her brown eyes gave me the sign to approach this stunning angel. I dropped my school bad, it landed with a thump on my hard wood floor. She put her cigarette in the ash tray. I almost ran to her. I kissed her, kissed her like I had done dozens of times before, and still got the same feeling, the feeling that I wasn't completely worthless. I felt her soft wet tongue intertwining with mine. I slowly and delicately decended her body, kissing her neck, her perky breasts, her stomach and so on. I'm certain that her moans went passed my bedroom walls. Now I lay here, on my bed, brokenhearted and drunk on gin, trying to erase the sensual sounds that she had made from my brain. Salty tears fall from my pale blue eyes. Holding my brown teddybear in my arms, in the same, four white walled room filled with smoke.

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