December 4, 2009
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Maybe she wasn't meant to turn up that day or maybe she was just lucky. Her ex boyfriend actually introduced her to another guy, his best friend that is. That never happens, ever.

"I'm not going," she mumbled to herself as she worked on her colorful garden. "Yup, not going." She kept a pace as she dug into the soil with the shovel.

"Hey Cor!," a voice rang.

"Hi Darren," she replied. "How was work?" She kept shoveling her garden. Darren was her older brother and her only family. Their parents died when they were only sixteen years old and they both have been on their own since then.

"It was fine. Same, same, you know."

She smiled to herself and got down onto her knees, planted the carrots in the soil, then shoveled some soil on top of it. Corinne had chestnut colored, curly hair. It sat atop of her head in a neat ponytail. Darren had the same colored hair but his was cut short and it was straight instead of curly like his parents and sister. It was unusual for Darren. When a stranger looked at them, they would have just thought that they were dating since they do not look anything alike at all.

"So are you going out with Sam tonight?," Darren asked. Corinne could hear the smile in his voice. She froze for a moment and slightly shook her head, enough for Darren to realize that what he had said annoyed her. Corinne was never the type of person to break out with anger; she had always been so kind and caring to everyone.
"Not going." She kept mumbling to herself as she watered the garden. When she was done, she took her basket back to the garage and headed inside to find Darren, planted on the couch, watching a football game. He had always been a big football fan. She headed to the kitchen and got ingredients ready to make a casserole. Corinne glanced over to the phone when it started ringing. She picked it up and pressed the talk button.

"Hello?," she answered. She started setting the table and holding the phone between her shoulder and ear.

"Hey, it's me, Sam." His voice broke the silence.

"Oh um hi," Corinne was flustered. She dropped some utensils on the floor at the sound of his voice. "Shoot." She immediately bent down to picked them up. "Oh, sorry I just dropped some things."

"It's alright," he answered. "Are you okay though?"

"Yeah, um I'm okay." Why was he calling now, Corinne thought to herself. This was her ex's best friend. Shoot, what could she say now? That she has an important meeting to attend to and she was sorry that she can't go out to dinner with him?

"So I'll see you tonight?," he said. There was some rustling of papers in the background. She guessed it was his little sister messing around in his room.

"I can't go," she said quickly and threw the forks into the sink. "I'm so sorry but I have this meeting thing with company." Ugh, great. Don't stutter, he will know you're faking, she told herself firmly.

"It's okay then, we'll just do this another time." His voice sounded down. She hated it when she made people sad.

"Actually, I changed my mind. I think my workers can get by without me this time. I'll see you in a bit." She smiled and set the new utensils out. Darren will have to eat alone tonight. And it was going to be a long one too.

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