Keep It Going.

December 9, 2009
By , Redlands, CA
It was the first day of seventh grade when I saw him walk through the door. He was like no other guy I have ever seen, there was just something different about him. He had black hair with light brown eyes, almost golden. For a seventh grader he was hot. The year went on as normal, me having a secret crush on him. Him not even knowing I’m alive, basic love story right. Until I got his phone number. I started to text him non-stop and we became friends. Occasionally talking at school and hanging out. But nothing outside of school. Then came the Sadie Hawkens dance (the dance where the girls ask the guys). Time to make my move. Three days before the dance, I was at the ice rink with my mom watching my brother play, and I had to tell him. So I did. He told me ‘Yeah... I don’t like you at all. Your just my friend. I like Krissy’. Yep, Krissy that stupid little girl. She seemed to take all the guys I liked and brainwash them into liking her. But hey I was in seventh grade what else could I think. So he asked out Krissy the very next day. I was heartbroken, how could he do this! So I thought of a plan. I was going to ask him to the dance as “friends” and totally make Krissy jealous. That plan did not work out as well as I planned. He said yeah, then the morning before the dance, said I’m going to hang out with my girlfriend instead. HEARTBROKEN!!The year went on, me still in the back of my mind liking him thinking he was the one for me, and him dating other girls. Summer came and went then it was time to show Trey the girl I have become. I go to school the first day wearing booty shorts and a tank-top. I see him walking through the halls, he has changed so much sense the last year, his short black hair grew out and is now swept across his pale skin, his brown eyes were a little darker and he was taller. This was my year to finally be his. We still texted but not as frequently as we did before. I told him I didn’t like him, even though I did. I was asked out by another guy and I said no, because my heart was for Trey. October came around and it was time for the Halloween Dance, my costume was extremely distasteful for my standards at least. I was in line for the haunted house and I was with my “group” and another girl who I didn’t really know that well, who was just waiting for some guy to come and hold onto her during the “scary haunted house”. She called over Trey and his friend Sean. They were standing in line with us and I told them that i would be really scared, the other agreed. She asked if she could hold onto Trey and he hesitated and then said yes, I did the same, and with no hesitation he said of course. We entered the haunted house and i acted like I was scared when everybody knew I wasn’t. After we got out the other girl ditched me with all the guys who were going back into the dance. “But I can’t dance” I told them, “ Well usually partners HOLD each others HANDS and jump around” Trey said, clearly he was implying that he wanted to dance with me but didn’t have the nerve to make the move so I left. When I told all of my friends about my good news, they were mad at me. They knew about everything he did to me the previous year. But I believed he changed. Later that night when I got home I got a text from him. We talked all night about the dance and mostly the haunted house. Then he started getting serious. He said he had something to tell me, so I told him to say it. Then he said that he liked me! I couldn’t believe it! Finally someone likes ME!! He asked me if I liked him and I told him yes. Then came the awkward part, he started asking questions like “ What would you say if I asked you out?” and stuff like that. Obviously he was going to ask me out. A couple days later a group of people came up to me and said that Trey had to talk to me. So I went up to him and he asked me out. I said yes, despite of all the things he has done to me in the past, we have been together for almost two months now. We shared both of our first kisses. And even making out, I was the first girl he told he loves and the first girl to make an anniversary card. I love him and I always will.

“I loved you one
I love you still
Always have
Always will” a poem he read to me.

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