What More Could Anyone Ask For?

December 8, 2009
She came to school that day with red puffy eyes, a clear sign of criyng. She was wearing a loose shirt and jeans and her best firend stood next to her. Her best firend had her arm looped around the girl's shoulders and was glaring at anyone who stared or snickered. Beucase by now the whole school knew. Janie Horus was 16 and she was pregnant. The bluging stomache confirmed the rumors going around for monthes. Janie's firends had totally abandoned her, except for Alice Thyme. She had beaten up Jimmy yesterday for saying crude things about Janie to his friends. And when Thomas West came over she all but growled. "What do you want?" Janie asked weakly glared at him while she exmained herself in the locker mirror, dirty blonde hair and freckles with bright blue eyes."You arleady told me you don't want anything to do with the baby." Janie conntiuned on weakly."Are you here to call me names like your friends?". A tear raced down her cold cheek. "If you are, get lost." snapped Alice."I know whaI said 6 monthes ago. But I've been doing some thinking." the brown haired boy had a sad soft look in the evergreen orbs that where his eyes. He took Janie's shaking hand. "Can we talk?". Alice sent a deathglare at him and shook her head to Janie "Don't" she mouthed. But Janie walked with him out of the bulding around the back. "Janie, I am sorry i put you through this. And then when i ingored you and refused to help you, it hurt you. And hurting you was something i promised I'd never do. Alice is right to hate me. But i want to make tihngs right. I want to help." "Its not all your fault. I consented.I have to take the consequences for my actions." her eyes flashed with determination. "Then let me face the conseqeunces with you.I want to marry you Janie. I want to raise our baby together. Please Janie."Amid the ivy and the bricks on the little cement back path he kneeled down and took out a sliver ring with the word "Forever" on it.His eyes pleaded with her and he waited. Janie thought carefully. Her parents threw her out. She had been living with Alice. Alice...would Alice approve? Suddenly ALice's sun tanned face with dark brown eyes popped out of a hedge. "Do it! Say yes!" she mouthed nodded toward Thomas. Janie smiled. The baby kicked. She held out her hand and let Thomas slip the ring on. She took his head and gentle laid it again her stomache. The baby kicked and Thomas grinned then stood and hugged her close. "We;ll make this work." he whispered. "You better, or i'll make sure you regret it." Alice snapped standing behind him. Thomas jumped and blushed, kissing Janie on the cheek. She smiled. Alice rolled her eyes. "Come on lovebirds. Time for class." Thomas grinned and ran off. Alice looped her arm around Janie's waist. "Alice, I love you." Janie whispered putting a hand on her big tummy. "Yeah, I know." Alice said softly smiling. "Love will find a way." Alice whispered looking at the white rose growing on the side of the buliding. "Love will always find a way." With that, Janie opened the doors and prepared to face the judging cruel world. But she did it with a smile. Becasue she was Janie Anna Horus and she was in love with Thomas West and was going to have a beautiful baby soon and had an amazing best friends. She had love and what more could anyone ask for?

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Queen-of-Sarcasum13 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 30, 2009 at 2:09 pm
Sorry about the God-awful spelling
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