The habana

November 22, 2009
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There was the usual crowd of pushy working girls already handing just outside the cafe blazing afternoon sun,trying to woo the single male tourist.I felt lucky I had not known any of them though to many of them had spotted me before I downed the rest of the mojito and the ice water in a beat ounters.In the midst of my lightheaded rambling I caught sight of a stunningly beatuful young girl.She wore a loose floral mini dress with shoulder straps and flip-flops.She had a dedicate,slim figure with beutifil curves and smooth dark skin,she looked gracceful and innocent,not at all like a working girl.Casually adjusting my pace,I began to keep turned a couple of corners and paused by a storefront where she sensed my gaze from a distance.Her eyes avoided me and for a moment she frowned in pride.

Later she walked into a pharmacy and I sat a distance away on the shady side of the street and lit a cigarette, I wondered,if I would have been better had I been born and raised in her neighborhood.I have not yet mot such a beutiful girl in my whole life.

That day,as unusual some guy his name was pedro he offering me a deal $40 for a box of choice cuban cigars that he had described to me about before:

"Do you want the cigars?"Pedro say

"Sure,but right now I want to meet that morena."I said pointed out the exotic young girl just as she left the pharmacy and began walking away.He shadowed his eyes with his palm and said:

"I know her."pedro say

"no wait"I said very happy

"Her name is Lucy.She's from my neighborhoo,wait here I'll go get her for you."He was about to jump on his bike but I help him back, Pedro no,no like this.I dont think she would like to meet me right now.Do you really Know her?" I ask

"Yes,she is a friend of my stepsister.I know where she lives".Pedro say

"Does she have a man?"I ask

"What's she like?Does she go out?"I say

"Not like shameless girls,She's decent,but no a virgin."pedro said

"And just now would you Know that?"

"There are not pretty virgins in Havana."he said

"How old is she?"I ask him

"18 or so.old enought."

"Do you think she would like to meet me?"I ask him very confuse

"Sure,if you want I'll invite my stepsister and her to have a dinner with us."

"Be my guest.You're a real wonderboy."I said very happy

That night Pedro delivered the box of cigars to my room and walked me to Alejandro's where, to me pleasant surprise so after all it was in my destinity to have dinner.She was wearing the same dress she wore that day.Up close she was even more readiant and captivathing than when I had seen her from a distance.She have cascading black her floweb onto her shiny bare shounder.

That night I got to have few words with her.

"Would you like to see me tomorrow?"I asked.

"I dont Know,"she said shyly with her eyes downcast.

"Can I call you?"I ask


"Please come again for dinner with Maria and Pedro.I want to see you"

"Thank you."That's all she said

When she were a dozen or so steps away,Pedro say:

"I think she likes you."he said.

"How would you know?"i said

"I heard she said something to my sister."he said

"you are the wonderboy."I said very surprise

Over few nights I help court at Alejandro where they all came to dinner and I got to see more of Lucy.She was a women of many blushes and very few works.I could never guess what she was thinking.She would not eat much and would quietly ask for her dish to be bagge to go.

Finally she put on a bive dress of beutiful silk that fit her well and she appered to want the most.Feeling exalted,I thought to myself that I too deserved to see her in the dress.The price tag was a rasonable $135,when we left the boutique,she was smilles,overjoyed with the fancy shopping bag in her hand.Afterwards we strolled hand in hand for a bit.In parting she kissed me and said with a sweed smilled.

"Thank you for the beutiful present."she said

"you're welcome.I hope it's beutiful enough for you."i said

"Listen,I have to go home how and stay in tonight.But,let's do something nice tomorrow.
I will wear this dress."she said.

That night we went out and we have alot of fun.But,I was so nervous because I decide to ask her a question.

"Can I ask you a question?" I said

"sure,you can ask me whetever you want?"she said

"you want to be my girlfriend"I ask very shany

She looked me and say

She answer me crying and I was crying too but i felt something good inside my body

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