Showing Her the Ocean -Prologue

November 22, 2009
By Not_Your_Ordinary_Girl BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
Not_Your_Ordinary_Girl BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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Hurricane Andrew, they say it was the second most powerful and last of three category five hurricanes that made U.S. land fall during the 2oth century; the most intense tropical cyclone to strike Florida since the Great 1935 Florida Keys hurricane – Andrew stands as one of the worst disaster in American history. Not only was Andrew a physical disaster of truly the first order, but a social disaster of equal cruelty. It was a prime example of how severe land falling hurricane, can fully and thoroughly, break down the fabric of modern society. It was August 24, 1992 when mother nature decided to throw this hurricane at the time, many only remember only two periods in their lives – before Andrew and after Andrew. This disaster caused widespread major structural damage and has killed 65 people.

People hid somewhere safe getting heads up from the radio stations they were listening to. At the time this storm wasn't good for the Lumbard family, they were out along the road passing by cars and homes during the rain down poured on their car, barely able to match the speed limit at all. Dylan Lumbard, husband and father, squinted through the window attempting to view where the lines were on the road, but had an exceptionally hard time even having his window whippers on it's fastest to remove the raindrops from the window. Wondering if he were to stop he quickly glanced over seeing his wife sleeping soundlessly under a blanket. Then he looked back at his son also doing the same thing, but snoring in a low manner. Concentrating on the road thinking about when the storm was to end, when was he able to have rest like his darling wife, Eve and his son, Aaron. Staying up for a long while was horrible for him; he wasn't much of a night owl just to say. Moments in his thoughts he saw something flying through the air with smaller particles following along behind it. He first considered it was just something he imagine till he saw something fly fluently against the hard rain.

He quickly turned on the radio that was in the car and depended to find a decent station to know what was going on. The only thing he found was static at every station he could find, making him seem more bothered. Looking at the rear view mirror he saw several cars behind them going just as the speed he was going. The people behind got irritated driving slow, so they quickly went into the next lane very fast. Soon enough the rain depended making it harder to even see anything outside. Water splashed at the side of the car while others drove past them when they drove through puddles.

The wind was getting harder, making the rain move to the southwest. What was he going to do, something was going wrong. Nothing he had planned, unexpected. Dylan just wanted a safe drive home from the families vacation the three took at Orlando, Florida. Once again, interrupting his thoughts he found something in the air again, but this time it was closer. Noticing that it was a house roof. He knew what this storm was now, he knew what it was he just couldn't get the thought off his tongue.

Soon the rain lessened it's violence, but kept coming down hard. Keeping one hand on the wheel, he glided his other hand to his wifes feeling her warm skin against his palm, brushing her cheek gently and slowly. Glancing at her happily seeing her smile while under the soft light that was given to them and then turns his head back to the road, just hoping that he will make it home safe and secure with his family. They were close to home and only about ten more minutes were left. His eyes were drifting off, but stayed up desiring to get home.

Without a sign he saw something come towards him hurriedly, this time he didn't know what was coming at him. He squinted harder to see what it was, but all he could get was that it had headlights. The closer he got to it the closer he got worried. He looked in the rear view mirror once more and saw nobody was behind him. As soon as It seemed a few feet away he knew that the moving object was a truck and it was enhancing it speed.

Dylan stomped on the brakes and the car started to swerve as it tried to make friction against the road. Unable to turn the car the way he wanted it to go and the truck ran into the drivers side, blacking out his view. If he didn't move the way his side was, his family would've died, he quickly thought and acted fast as he could, swerving the car more right. After the impact between the two, a scream suddenly came out in a sudden shock of what happened. The rain lightened a little more making it to the point where it's sprinkling lightly.

Cars and trucks horns were going off because of the accident and Eve quickly got out of the car running to her husband. What she saw was all bloody, she couldn't see much of him through any of the blood. She took off the sweatshirt she was wearing under the blanket and rub some of it off his face so she could see him better than before. Worrying, she unbuckled his seat belt releasing him from any pain he would feel from it. She didn't pay any attention to the truck driver at all, who seemed unconscious at the moment.

Looking back in the backseat she could see tine one year old Aaron still fast asleep, not knowing that they got in a car crash. She looked back at Dylan moving her head closer to his; feeling tears starting to wield in her eyes. He wasn't able to open both eyes, but tried to anyways still able to see her face. He lifted his hand wearily, having a shard of glass glutted deeply into his chest, he tried hard bringing it to her face to touch her soft and silky skin once again. She saw that he was some what happy, how odd it was. To think that he would be showing a slight smile knowing that he is only seconds away from his death. He looked into her soft green eyes and tears started to trickle down his face. He closed his eyes giving into his imminent death. She held him close to her almost into a hug, but not as much.

Eve let a few tears trickle down her cheeks as well while the rain falls down light. Dylan brought his fingers slowly to her tears that slid down her face running them up gently, wiping her tears away before he died and let his hand slip down her face. She smiled only slightly seeing that her wonderful husband is dead in her arms. He lowered his head and Eve kissed his lips softly for her final good-bye to him and hugged his body close and laid her head on his unbreathable chest, crying softer then the rain.

As time passed by quickly, two ambulances and the police came, finding that the driver that was in the truck was drunk and had bad injuries that needed to be taken care of quickly. They gave an attempt on saving Eve's husband in the ambulance, but failed to. Eve grabbed her son that wasn't hurt, not even one bit and got on the ambulance just to be with Dylan, knowing that he was no longer eligible to live his life no longer.

The author's comments:
This story is part of a chapter book. Please do not copy this for I have worked hard to contribute to my prologue to start my story. Though, enjoy.

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