My Dearest Annelise

November 20, 2009
By professionalreader11 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
professionalreader11 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Don't pretend to love that which you don't feel, for love is not our to command.

I can picture our future together so clearly that it seems to play out infront of me. I will be a school teacher and you will be a psychologist. We will live in New York, in a small but quaint bohemian apartment on the east side. Somedays we will play sick and just sit around, holding hands, reading from sun up to sun down and then when we're all done we'll tell one another of our adventures; but other times we'll sit around and talk to each other in sophistacted english and quote romantic lines from movies and books. We will have long, intense conversations of our future and the things that make us tick. We'll walk around on the weekends in our underware and dance to our favorite songs. We'll stay up late playing cards and giggling about "the old days". We'll reminsce about our time during high school in creative writing class and laugh about inside jokes like "analyze" and "lupe". And in the Summer, we will take our dog[french bull dog named sabachian] for a walk in Central Park. During the Spring we will leave town and go lie down in a meadow somewhere up state. And in the Fall we will go for long walks taking pictures all over the city of the changing leaves. But Winter will be the best. On those days when it's so cold that you're chilled to the bone, we will cozy up on the couch under a blanket sipping hot cocoa and listening to christmas music play in the distance while watching the snow fall peacfully outside. During the Holidays, we will go to my parents cabin the forest, where there will be a big table for all of us to sit at. And the best part is that they'll accept us. There will be no fighting or judgement, just acceptance of love. When people talk about us they will say, "oh yes you know that couple. Well they are just the most delightfull aren't they? Just picture perfect. Yep, did you know they fell in love during high school? They are so lucky to have found one another." And the fact that we're both girls won't matter. It's funny. I can picture all of this and it doesn't scare me. It soothes me. I can't wait to see you everytime we're apart. And when I'm walking away I'm wishing that I was telapathic that way when I'm away from you I could never be without your voice. You are becoming my Edward Cullen. The more I'm around you, the harder it is to leave. What's going to happen the day I realize that I could never live without you? Will you feel the same about me?

With Hope,

The author's comments:
This is the classic story of a forbidden love.

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