November 19, 2009


Aiden and Victoria were a very happy couple…..Wrong.
The two met during their junior year of high school, but they were only friends. As the days progressed, they became closer and closer to each other. When their senior year rolled around, the duo was very close friends. Then one day Aiden plucked up the courage to tell Victoria how he felt about her.

“Victoria, these past few weeks have made me realize something,” he said quietly “will y…yo…you go out with me?” he stammered blushing scarlet.

“Oh luv,” sighed Victoria, “of course I will.” She answered with a small kiss.

Everything was wonderful for the pair. They were the happiest they had ever been. Whenever they were apart, the only thing they wanted was to be back in the loving embrace of the other, for a time everything seemed right.

One night while lying on Victoria’s couch, Aiden got the urge to tell Victoria his true feelings. As he propped up on the couch, he gently turned Victoria’s face to his. “My luv, there is something I want to tell you…” he started but trailed off looking away embarrassed.

“What is it, dear? You know you can tell me anything.” She whispered kindly.

“I know, I know, u just can’t get the words out. I’m nervous,” he chuckled as his body began to tremble slightly

“Oh, Aiden you, you don’t have to tell me.”

“But I want to,” he sighed as he leaned towards Victoria’s ear. He whispered, “Victoria, I think I’m in love with you.”

He let his head drop after expressing his feelings.

As Victoria gently lifted Aiden’s head, she whispered back, “And I love you.”

She turned Aiden’s face to see a bright smile widen from ear to ear and pulled him into the most loving embrace, finishing with a cliché kiss.

From that moment on, nothing could separate the two. No matter what Aiden and Victoria were together, but that was what led to there demise. As the days turned to weeks, Victoria began to grow to accustomed to her feelings so the fiery passion burned out, yet Victoria still held on. She would tell herself that she truly cared about Aiden and this was worth it. But Aiden kept pressing on oblivious to what was happening to Victoria.

Days past and the couple remained together hanging on by a thread. Soon Victoria was pushing Aiden away until the situation grew so bad, she didn’t want anything to do with him. All Aiden could do was watch in horror as his whole world came tumbling down around him. Like a romantic comedy gone completely wrong.

In the end, the once happy couple was nothing more than good friends. Aiden was so mortified it took everything in his power to do that. He was so hurt he never thought he would care for anyone again. Nothing would make him happy, he just lived like a shell for weeks. For weeks Aiden wondered if Victoria was only in love with the idea of being a couple or if she truly cared. But it was irrelevant.
Eventually he gave up on the idea of the once blissful couple to be a couple again, nothing would make that again. Maybe they are destined to find happiness with someone else, but that’s to be expected when you play with the vortex that is love. You never know how you will come out in the end.

The author's comments:
This is probably the hardest story i've ever written

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