She died because..........

November 19, 2009
By EyshaMarysha BRONZE, Chandigarh, Other
EyshaMarysha BRONZE, Chandigarh, Other
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She was a young girl, pretty enough to win anyone’s heart. Her fair skin and silky brown hair were perfect. Her beautiful smile used to get everyone’s hearts pounding. But no one realized what she was from inside. No one understood her feelings. She was all alone. Her life was colorless, black and white. But, one day, someone filled colors in her dull life and made it beautiful. She was happy. She felt she had company, someone who was there for her, someone who loved her. She wanted to stay this way forever. But, life always doesn’t give us what we want. Her perfect life was ruined when that accident took place. That accident, ruined her life, it took away from her her happiness, the colors of her life. She was broken, shattered in thousands pieces. She felt like, like, she was torn apart. The pain was murderous. She couldn’t bear it. She gave up, gave up on everything, gave up on life. It was that day and it is today, when we no more have that young girl, pretty enough to win anyone’s heart.

The author's comments:
Our english gave us an assignement to write a short story. i was having no work at that moment so i thoght why not give it a try. so, i took out my register and my pen and wrote this story down. and there it was my very own short story.

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