Star-Crossed Lovers

November 18, 2009
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There was a family fight between two different but powerful families. The families both had two young children. The children were classed as star-crossed lovers but what their parents don’t know is that they go to the same school.

One day when Chloe and William were in science they didn’t know their families were fighting with one another. In science they where studying chemistry and there mates found partners and left them two find there own partners and they didn’t want to go together so there teacher Mr. Roulstone told them they have to go together. William had been looking at Chloe for a while. He thought she was pretty hot and cute. William was glad that they had to go together. Chloe also didn’t mind going with William because she thought he was so funny sweet (not that she had ever spoken to him) cute and handsome.

After chemistry had finished William took Chloe home because it was the end of the day. When she got out of the car she kissed William on the cheek. She walked inside and her father ask “who was he” she replied “William Beasy.” He forbade her to see him again. Chloe ran off crying.

Two weeks later her father decided to have a ball for his daughter to find the one and only man for her. The next day at school after she found out she wrote a note to William and said “5:30 Saturday my place. Masked ball.” There was one thing no one knew about William which was he is a vampire. The thing is he isn’t a human blood sucking vampire he lives on animal blood.

William had an evil brother Joe. He hadn’t seen Joe in like four years. The night before the masked ball Joe rocked up with Chloe’s best friend Emma. Joe had been dating Emma for weeks and Emma was taking him to the ball. When they got there they had to wait at the bottom of the stairs and wait for the whole family to come down them. They were waiting there for 15 minutes then the family started coming down them. Chloe was the last one down them. She looked straight at William, “she looks so sexy” he said to himself as his mouth dropped open.

They were there for 5 hours when Joe and Emma went home. William and Chloe snuck out together. They were gone for hours that they decided to run away and get married. William told Chloe he was a vampire and she did not care she loved him for him.

Later that night they went to father Henry and begged him to marry them so he did. After getting married they ran away and lived happy ever after. They were STAR CROSSED LOVERS after all.

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