Anything At All.

November 18, 2009
Remember what you said, about not wanting to hurt me? You don't have to be afraid anymore. I think I'm over you, completely. And honestly, I feel so happy since this time last year, God. I don't even know how to say it; but you never told me what you didn't want me to know. And you know what? I was in love with you. I've loved you for months. A year, and six months to be exact; even after everything we've been through. I really didn't care for what happened between us. Meaning those fights, I was still madly in love with you. But I'm tired of waiting for you to say anything to me. Anything at all, you love me, you dont love me.

So I'll grow up, and I'll try to ignore the fact that you, of all people, had the biggest impact in my life. Because you'll only bring me down farther. I'll ask you this once, how long did you love me for? And tell me, so I can at least know I walked away from something incredible, with some dignity.

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