Waking up in her arms.

November 17, 2009
By Anonymous

"I don't know about this,Rachel." I said the car door handel burning like fire in my hands.
I look up into her beautiful gray eyes the early morning autum wind is tossing her blonde hair into them.
"It's okay, Alabama."
She takes my hand and takes helps me open the door, and kisses my cheek "We'll do this together."
I take a deep breath and smile

Two years ago I met Rachel in
our english glass half way threw our junior, she walked in the first day and her beauty struck me like an arrow. She turned to see me staring at her with an open mouth. I quickly looked down, I was nothing much to look at, dark brown hair, average wieght, light brown eyes, and a dusting of freckles. She smiled at me though
and sat down in the seat beside mine.
"Hi, I'm Rachel, what's your's?"
I was startled my those stearling gray eyes "M-my what?"
"Name?" she looked at me like a cute puppy.
She giggled alitte "Like the state?"
"The very one. My last name is worse."
"Dare I ask?" she rested her head on her hand looking at me.
"Alabama Peach?"
I readied myself for the huge giggles. It didn't come.
I looked up into her eyes, she was suprisingly tall next to my 5 foot 4 inches. She wasn't laughing.
She was looking at me...adoringly.
"If that isn't the cutest name I've ever heard in my life."
I blinked, that was diffrent.

It took me awhile to understand Rachel, her aunt and uncle took her in after he mother ran off a couple mounths ago, since then she'd been pretty much taking care of her self. She was incredable smart and kind. She understood my fear of my parents, stricks baptist's who firbid me doing anything that might make them look bad. It took me a couple of mounths but I showed her my bruises, from dads fists. She was
disgusted with him and tried to make me go to the police. I refused too frightened to even speak. She shook her head and resighned herself to anger.
In the two years we had known each other Rachel had become my soul and heart. Without her I felt empty, I relised with fear what that could mean. One day Rachel called me to meet her at the beach
near-by, it was already october
and our first year in college was about to star.
I was waiting on our rock by the beach when rachel showed up. She smiled at me and hugged me tightly.
"I love looking at your hair in the wind, Alabama. It's gorgeous."
I pulled my sweater tightly around me "You were watching me?"
"Yeah, something like that..."
I saw the worry in her eyes and my stomach dopped.
"Whats wrong ,Rachel?"
"I'm leaving, Alabama."
I couldn't breath.
"My uncle tried to put the moves on me last night. I've got all my stuff in the car, and I'm leaving tomarrow morning."
The tears seeped down my shirt
I threw myself at her.
"Don't leave me Rachel! Please, please, please. What am I going to do?"
"You can go with me."
I looked into her eyes.
"I'm signed up for classes at N.Y.U. Go with me, we'll get a dorm room, work all the time, and we'll be together...Don't you want that?"
"Rachel, I do it's just...what I want isn't something you would."
And then her soft warm lips were on mine, it was like magic the way it completley softened me, her arm wrapped around me, and she whipped away the tears coursing down my cheeks. She pulled away and smiled.
"I wouldn't?"
"Rachel..." I was stunned.
"Come with me, Alabama."

"Hey sleeping beauty, wake up."
I opened my eyes to find myself cuddling in Rachel's arms the
car rumbling with all our things packed into it.
"Look outside, we're here."
I was stunned senceless and I looked'out to see the New York skyline. And there smack dap in the middle of it was our new school
N.Y.U where I would major in Phycology and Liuteruture.
"I love it."
Rachel reached down and kissed me
on the lips her gray eyes warm.
"I'm glad. It's time to star out fresh. You ready."
I looked back at our review mirror
and watcherd the statue of liberty
above the harbour. The city of new Beginings. And it was all ours.
"I am."

The author's comments:
This is a story about finding love
and starting out fresh in a place
all your own. It's not really about being homosexual, but about discovering who you really are.

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