The Last Dinner

October 28, 2009
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As she used me to cleave the beautiful roast she was supposed to be having for her 10th anniversary, tears ran down her cheek, to her neck, and down my handle all the way onto the roast. She used me violently to cut vegetables and put them on a hard, cold porcelain plate, white as the heaviest snows of the winter.

She then walked to the table with her plate in one hand and I in the other. She sat down and moped louder and louder, using me to slaughter the amazing roast she had prepared, until there was a disturbance outside. She abruptly stopped crying. It sounded some what like a car. I heard a voice. I didn’t know if she had heard it until she jolted up as if something had bit her. As she excitedly ran to the window, she knocked me on the ground so that I could not see a thing. All I heard was tons of screaming and shouting.

There was a lot of crying as she slammed open the door, grabbed me, and then ran back outside. A lot of threats and abusive conflict went on. I was hiding in her pocket, waiting anxiously to see what she would use me for. It started to get physical as a crowd formed among the two, until the car door opened. Out came a beautiful lady with blood red hair and eyes as blue as the darkest
sea. As the man pushed his wife, who was heart broken, off of him and onto the floor, she whispered to herself, “That’s it! It is time to end this once and for all!” She got up and wiped the blood from her lip, she grabbed me with an angry fist and cursed under her breath. All happened so fast, and all at random it got dark and I heard her whisper “You promised.”

As I was pulled from the darkness with a rubbery feeling hand, I felt moist. As the flashes from cameras held by men wearing jet black suits lit the night I could now tell that the darkness I was in was the back of a young man who had missed an anniversary dinner to go out with his so called “secretary”.

I now lay on a cold metal table in a crime seen investigation lab, full of blood. I have blood up and down my blade I have blood in places I didn’t even know I could get blood in.

I am scarred physically and emotionally, that horrible evening will be locked in my head forever with no key to ever let it out.

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