Love You

November 12, 2009
By betrayalhurts BRONZE, Cleveland, Tennessee
betrayalhurts BRONZE, Cleveland, Tennessee
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You look at me with your tear stained eyes and begging for forgiveness, for acceptance. For me to smile, hug you and whisper the words that mean so much to you...
"I can't believe you would do this to me." I whisper, on the verge of tears myself.
"I don't know. All I can ask is that you please, please forgive me."
And as I walk away I hear you whisper, "I love you. Even of you don't I do." Tears finally fall like rain on a cloudy day. I run into the open arms of friends. Who softly mutter words of comfort and wipe my tears away.

"There he is. C'mon it's time you talk. It's been weeks and you haven't stopped crying." One friend whispers in my ear and pushes me toward him.

I stumble and he catches me. "Please...." He says.
"Love you" is all I can say.

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