Sweet Nothings

October 22, 2009
By cowlover968 BRONZE, Sissonville, West Virginia
cowlover968 BRONZE, Sissonville, West Virginia
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First I believe that it is important to tell you a little about myself. I’m quite shy girl, never the one to really stand out, but you wouldn’t know that if you were my friend. I can play the heck out of an oboe. I never had any enemies and I always tried to be sweet to everyone and anyone I saw.
The night it happened was like every other night. It was a clear dark blue sky outside I was lying out on a blanket with my boyfriend Nathaniel. We were out looking at the stares thinking about our future together. He wants to go into the military but I want him to stay with here, because I fear that he would be taken from me. He loved me with all of his heart though and wanted to join the military because they would give us a future because there was an awful repression happening. If everything happened as we planned it we would both be happy, in love, and own a home together so one day we could start our happy family. You could always tell I was a tad uneasy about the plan because honestly it was dangerous and I’m scared me beloved would have to defend the country in the war and get killed in action. Where would our plan be then? I would be alone in the world trying to piece my life back together.

I did not want to tell Nate this in fear of him getting mad. He rarely got mad he was always happy with me, and told me the sweetest things like: “You’re the reason I’m trying to make something of my life” and “You must be the most beautiful girl on the planet.” I would always giggle and smile at the comments he made contently about how amazing and beautiful I am. I am a senior at high school, but Nate was already out of school and going to college though he was only 18. Nate loved me so much and wanted ever so much to propose to me, on a really magical night. He was looking though his calendar and then he realized the month, date, and the year would all line up again and that night must be the night. It was going to be on November 11, 2011, which lots of people say that if you make a wish on exactly 11:11 A.M or P.M that your wish will come true. He knew perfectly well that I always wished for him to propose so he came up with the perfect plan. He took me out to a fancy restaurant, and then we went to this really sluiced place and sat on his car and just watch the world go by and talk about our life. He looked at his watch and it was five till 11:11 and I noticed he off the car and asked me for a dance. We danced under the stars for a couple minutes then I noticed him looking at his watch again. Then he stopped and looked at her will a very serious face and said “It’s 11:11 baby, close your eyes and make a wish” While my eyes were closed he got down on one knee with the ring box open in his hand and when I opened her eyes he asked “Did your wish come true?”

I started to cry from all the excitement and I told him yes so many times he couldn’t count. We were the two happiest people on the earth. The story changed when he got home though, his mom hated me with a passion and yelled at him for being so foolish and told him to leave; that he isn’t her son anymore. That’s exactly what he did, he left his house got in his car and called me; I haven’t told my parents about the engagement yet. It was seventeen past twelve when he got to the house; I fixed the couch bed for him and told him to sleep there for the night. He thanked her so much and went to bed. I started to cry, because I knew that wicked women hated me but I didn’t think she hated me that much that when he proposed his own mother would tell him he made the worst mistake of this life. At that moment Nate came up the stairs because he knew I was upset about what his mother said. “Baby, you’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in my life, I would be completely lose without you nothing that wicked mother of mine says will change the way I feel about you so just calm your nerves and go to sleep you need it.

The next morning my parents woke up to see him on the couch, so they came and woke me up. They weren’t mad once I explained the story and once I told them that he passed out as soon as he got here because he was so worried and stressed. I didn’t have school that morning because it was a Saturday my parents had to work on the other hand. When my parents left I went downstairs to make Nate and I some breakfast. He was still fast asleep on the couch so I decided it would be best to make the breakfast then wake him. So I made an amazing breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, and hash browns; then I woke him up. He was slightly startled when I woke him because he has never stayed a night with me and he forgot that he was on my couch. After we ate we went back to his house to see if his mother has calmed down, and she wasn’t at all. When we arrived at his house all of his stuff out of his room was scattered all over the yard so he went inside to see what was going on; his mother yelled at him and told him he can’t live here anymore as long as he decides he needs to date a person like me. We gathered all of his stuff and packed it in the car I started to cry again because I felt horrible for making him lose his home. I called my mother and told her the story and asked if he could possibly stay with us for a while, and of course she said yes because she knew how upset I was and how good of a person he was. So we got back in the car and went back to my house and started unpacking the things he needed as in clothes and all the essential stuff. The only problem was that we didn’t have a spare room, and it wouldn’t be extremely uncomfortable to sleep on our couch again so I moved all of his junk into my own room.

When my parents came home and had a talk with us about how much they trust us to be responsible and good. We kept telling them nothing would happen and they believed us. We were so happy things just kept going our way and we never expected them too. Then finally the day I have been waiting for four years graduation night! I was valedictorian and extremely nervous about the speech I had to make to all of my classmates and their families. Once I got up on stage everyone started to clap and I could see Nate in the audience which made me get butterflies in my stomach even worse. My friends started to cry once I was done with my speech, and they started handing out diplomas. I was backstage talking to my best friend though high school, Elizabeth Bird. We were crying together and talking about all the good times we have had and how much we would miss each other and all that sad stuff. All of the sudden they called my name and I walked out onto stage got my diploma and then they took my picture and I went and sat in the chairs. I was really upset about leaving high school, I started to cry again which made like everyone around me start it again because they didn’t like to see me upset. Finally the last speech was made and we all threw our hats up in the air and cheered. Nate found me in the crowd outside and told me that he had a surprise for me; all I had to do was to follow him. I was wearing a short black dress with, a brilliant shade of blue, ribbon around the waist with bright blue high heels, which were killing my feet by this point because we walked 3 blocks.

We got in his car a few blocks later, and we drove to my house; we beat my parents to the house. So we went into my room and closed the door then he sat down on my bed and told me to come over and sit with him, so I did, and he handed me a key. I must have looked as puzzled as I felt because he started to tell me that I need to guess what the key went to. I heard the car pull into the driveway and then shortly afterwards I heard my parents come in the door we walked down the stairs and told them that we were going to Elizabeth’s party. The entire way there I kept guessing at what the key could be to, but honestly I had no clue. I kept taking the more abstract of what the key meant, like it’s the key to your heart, or it’s the key to happiness he always found my answers so amusing.

Then we pulled into Ezzies, that’s what I always refer to Elizabeth as, and we walked in and she came up to us and was already completely wasted and I was so disappointed in her. Nate and I were not into that type of party so we left and instead went to that quite spot where Nate proposed to me. We got out and laid on his car again watching the stars talking then all of the sudden I asked, “Nate, Is this the key to an apartment?”

He smiled at me and said, “Yes, do you want to go look at where you can come live? If you want to, that is.”

I got so excited and got back into the car, we drove to a quite little apartment complex near my old house. He took his key out of his pocket and opened the door and we walked inside. The living room was beautiful, the kitchen was extraordinary, and the bedrooms were splendid. The whole apartment was already furnished and ready to be lived in. I got out my cell phone and ordered a pizza to our new address together and while we were waiting, we sat on the couch and he whispered sweet nothings in my ear about how amazing his life is now, and how amazing it is to be with me, and how complete his life feels now. My life was complete at that very moment.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend inspired my to write this. It was more or less what i hope our future to be.

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on Jul. 20 2011 at 3:31 pm
if this guy is real you need to hold on to him tightly. he sounds perfect even tho perfection doesnt exist. just remember that he might mess up but if hes still the guy you love you need to work with him. this is a beautiful story.

anonomous said...
on Dec. 7 2009 at 7:56 pm
I love this it is an amazing story

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